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Stay on top of CoR obligations and policies with HV Compliance


The team from HV Compliance attended the recent Brisbane Truck Show to talk to transport operators about their compliance needs, from customised Chain of Responsibility (CoR) training courses to compliance system implementation and more.

Speaking to Australian Truck Radio’s Simon Smith, HV Compliance’s Morgan O’Rance said that heavy vehicle compliance is a big issue in the industry today and it is proving effective in reducing accidents and mishaps.

“Most people just buy a truck and then the next day they’re on the road, but they don’t realise that trucks are a great expenditure but the repercussions if you don’t have the compliance and policies and procedures in place far outweighs what the initial expenditure could be if there was an accident or an incident,” O’Rance said.

“We cater from large multinational companies, owner-drivers, and mum and dad organisations and make a system that works for them. It’s no point having all the paperwork in the world if you’re not able to read it and follow it and you may as well not have it in the first place. So we make it easy to operate, easy to use and suits everyone’s specific needs.

“We have everything from fatigue management courses, dangerous good courses, Chain of Responsibility courses so that way everyone understands what their obligations are and what their requirements are to operate a transport company.”

HV Compliance is Australia’s leading provider of CoR compliance, CoR audit preparation, compliance consulting, and systems implementation services in Australia.

The team prides itself on delivering customised solutions for a chain of responsibility, supply chain, and logistics compliance.

HV Compliance has a dedicated and knowledgeable team that specialises in CoR compliance.

The team also offers extensive customer support through its 24-hour helpline.

“We are largest compliance provider in Australia for the transport industry. We have everything from accreditation to PBS, down to Chain of Responsibility packages and training packages, so we’ve made it accessible to everyone,” O’Rance said.

The company has come a long way in a relatively small time. “We are proud of where we are with our employees in every eastern seaboard state and head offices down in Newcastle,” he said.

“We are proud of where we’ve come but we’ve only achieved that by small mum and dad operators and the small and medium companies and that’s how we’ve grown and become what we are today.”

HV Compliance offers a start to finish service covering Chain of Responsibility laws and NHVR compliance requirements.

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