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WHG offers advanced tracking solutions for Aussie operators

The team from WHG attended the recent Brisbane Truck Show to showcase its telematics product range.

Speaking to Australian Truck Radio’s Simon Smith, WHG’s director of operations Dylan Hartley discussed how WHG has all truck and trailer tracking needs covered.

“WHG is a technology company that specialises in telematics and IoT, and we focus on connecting assets, trucks, vehicles, you name it, we can monitor and manage everything,” Hartley said.

Managing assets across multiple locations can be a challenge, but WHG’s solutions can make it easier.

With real-time tracking and monitoring, customers can keep an eye on all their assets no matter where they are. WHG even has solutions for trailers and non-powered assets.

There is a lot going on in the industry, particularly in terms of technology advancements and WHG is at the forefront of technical expertise that can give customers an edge over their competitors and their own operational efficiency.

WHG has tracking platforms that offer:

  • real-time GPS tracking
  • enhanced security and peace of mind
  • mobile app management
  • optimised fleet operations for maximum efficiency
  • streamlined logistics and asset visibility
  • reduced costs and productivity boost
  • QR code for ease of management.

“Technology is really helping customers understand that cost benefit for them. Being aware of monitoring the kilometres driven, and looking at things like trailers that were traditionally non powered and unintelligent, and now suddenly we can do preventative maintenance.

“We can start to look at cost savings and things like time utilisation, for instance when you’re standing in yards, and things like that. With a tracking platform there is an investment initially, but without a doubt it pays for itself in the long run.

“One of the things that makes us quite unique is that we’re an Australian business and every part of the technology we design and develop is done in-house in our Melbourne head office. We’re incredibly proud of what we do locally and the talent that we have in our team.”

Being Australian-made products, WHG tracking solutions are equipped to deal with local operating conditions.

“There isn’t another country that has the terrain, the size, even the mix of vehicles like we have in Australia. We have every vehicle in our market from the American vehicles to the European vehicles and the Japanese. That’s one of the challenges we have taken on board to provide a solution suitable for all makes and models.”

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