Blitz to kick off after over 120 infringements issued for not carrying a work diary

In the past few months, at the Marulan Heavy Vehicle Safety Station in NSW, more than 120 penalty infringements have been issued to truck drivers for not carrying their work diary.

In its latest blitz, the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) is reminding truckies passing through the Marulan inspection station to ensure they have their work diaries on them – or risk a $711 fine.

According to NHVR director of operations central region, Brett Patterson, the results from Marulan HVSS “are alarming”. He’s warned that additional measures will be in place from this week “in a bid to urge drivers and operators to do the right thing”.

“The current penalty notice for not keeping a work diary is $711. If a driver is not able to produce a work diary without a reasonable excuse, under the Heavy Vehicle National Law our officers may require the driver to immediately stop work and not commence again for a stated period of up to 24 hours,” Patterson said.

“Whilst most heavy vehicle drivers we intercept are doing the right thing by completing their work diary and complying with applicable work and rest times, this recent data from Marulan HVSS is concerning.”

The latest blitz is planned to run from June 4-10 and the NHVR has warned that Marulan won’t be the only site penalising drivers for not carrying their work diary.

“If we’re to reduce fatigue related incidences in heavy vehicle drivers on Australian roads, then targeted operations which focus on drivers carrying their work diaries is critical,” added Patterson.

“With the road toll spiking in almost every state and territory over the past 12 months, the safety of all drivers on the road is our number one priority.”

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