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Atlas Balance Rings help truckies save on running costs

Your largest costs are fuel and tyres? Think on this. A 22.5-inch wheel rotates approximately 30,000 times per hour at 90 to 100km/h. Regardless of speed, a balanced truck or bus will gain up to 50 per cent extra tyre life. Thousands of Australian and New Zealand drivers use Atlas Balance Rings to add life to tyres, suspension, steering, braking and driveline components.

Centrifugal force is created by a rotating wheel. When out of balance, the liquid metal, which is free moving but fully contained within the ring, moves to exactly offset light and heavy spots; eliminating vibration and creating equilibrium within the rotating mass.

At the Kangan Institute, Melbourne, Institute manager Andrew Robson carried out before and after testing of Atlas Balance Rings from 10km to 100km/h. Results showed shaking and rattling, measured in millivolts (mV) were more than double without Atlas Balance Rings. At 100km/h, the results are dramatic. With Balance Rings fitted, the oscilloscope is picking up 50 millivolts; without, the imbalance is over twice as much, at 114mV (millivolts) imbalance.

Trucking fleets SRV Road Freight Services and AJM Transport show huge gains in savings with balanced wheels. SRV has over 80 rigs. They’ve fitted Atlas Balance Rings to 66 trucks on the steers and are working through the drives. Matt, SRV workshop manager, said, “We used to get around 120,000km on the steers and now – over 220,000km! We could easily get near 250,000km, but we have a great deal with tyre supply and don’t need to run the tyres all the way out.”

Dennis from AJM added, “With Atlas Balance Rings, the steers on our K200s get over 200,000km and the drives are over the 400,000km mark.” AJM has fitted out over 30 rigs on the steers and drives, with more Volvo and Kenworth rigs on the way soon.

Queensland driver Darren Powell explained, “I’m more comfortable with my Atlas Balance Rings – they’ve taken the shake and vibration out of the whole truck, making it a nicer truck to drive, I just love it; she sits straight on the road. I’ve been asked about Atlas plenty of times. Simon’s the man, never have a drama, I’m more than impressed.”

With a New Zealand distributor in Auckland, drivers who typically navigate steep mountainous roads are fitting out their rigs too. “The truck now handles like it’s on rails, tyres are wearing evenly now, it doesn’t wander on the road, no leaning in the corners; makes it a dream to drive, can’t recommend the Atlas Balance Rings enough,” said Taylor, Freightliner Argosy operator at ACE Heavy Haulage, NZ.

Atlas Balance Rings founder Simon McQuillan says the key is balancing your vehicle as you drive. “A low investment, balance rings usually pay for themselves within one set of tyres. Reduced tyre cupping means tyres run cooler, less driveline wear, and up to 7 per cent reduction in fuel; increased driver comfort and less fatigue. Every model is catered for, and installation is quick and easy, with a 365-day moneyback guarantee and 5-year product warranty.”

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