BTS 2023

Fleetguard: Training the industry one NanoNet at a time

To create a better, more efficient industry, Fleetguard provides an online training course to help boost the knowledge and understanding of filtration, a crucial element of the trucking business.

Their training will help you and your staff become experts on filtration’s importance to your fleet and how getting the right media within your filters can help you, your clients and your customers.

After all, with the right knowledge and information, you could protect your engines and systems whenever you fill the tank, change your lubricants or turn on the engine. That might sound alarmist, but it’s true, which is why Fleetguard is so keen on delivering industry training. Fleetschool online learning programs deliver self-paced online learning programs that you can jump into at your convenience. Get your head around various filtration and conditioning topics without having to head into the class- room – the perfect tool for trainees looking to become experts in filtration.

Interested? Jump online and head to and check out their Fleet-school training program. There are plenty of ways to upskill and learn without impacting your busy day-to-day operations.

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