Collaborating for improved safety and productivity

This year’s Brisbane Truck Show was not only the biggest on record, but NHVR also had its largest presence to date taking on three separate displays to take advantage of the opportunity to engage with our key stakeholders across the four days.

Our commitment to build strong and respected relationships with industry as well as local and state governments helps us stay connected and informed on the challenges and opportunities that are facing the heavy vehicle supply chain, and provides the opportunity to work collaboratively to deliver improved safety and productivity outcomes.

Seeing the enormous effort put in by the Brisbane Truck Show organisers as well as the attendees and display owners this year was an absolute credit to the industry as a whole. From our end our NHVR displays saw thousands of industry, government and general community engagement with extensive conversations across an array of topics.

Our main NHVR display was staffed by a cross section of our subject matter experts who were on hand to talk through any questions or topics around fatigue management, productivity improvements, general compliance enquires such as mass, dimension, load restraint as well as access permits, vehicle standards, and more.

In particular, we had some great conversations around the interpretation of notices and working with road managers for access decisions.

For our second display, we partnered with the Queensland Police Service (QPS) to discuss enforcement and road safety.

The issue of road safety is everyone’s responsibility and during the event, we received some great insights from industry on their experiences behind the wheel. We thank QPS for collaborating with us for the event, to improve road safety for all road users.

The third display gave industry an up-close look at how we are reaching young drivers at the beginning of their driving journey, with our important safety message – Don’t #uck WithATruck.

Inside the Don’t #uck With A Truck trailer, attendees tested our virtual reality (VR) immersion experience used to educate Learner and Provisional licence holders on the challenges truck drivers face when cars drive up the inside lane of a turning truck, pull in front of a truck or don’t apply patience when overtaking a truck.

We also showcased con- tent from our second phase of the campaign Don’t Truck It Up, where a scrap metal claw, sledgehammer and slingshot destroy popular objects in a young person’s life, such as mobile phones and gaming consoles, to show how quickly crashes can occur if they don’t follow the rules around driving safely around trucks. A special thank you to Kenny Easter from Easters Transport for providing a trailer for this display.

The response to each of our displays was very positive and it was great to see so many familiar faces engaging with our staff and sharing their experiences. We look forward to building on these strong partnerships further in the months to come.

A big congratulations to everyone involved in the 2023 Brisbane Truck Show and I look forward to doing it all again in 2025.

  • Sal Petroccitto is CEO, National Heavy Vehicle Regulator

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