On-road trial of double-stacked container transport combination


The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator has released footage of its first on-road trial of a double-stacked trailer combination at the Port of Brisbane.

This on-road trial in partnership with Qube was the culmination of a rigorous assessment program to evaluate the safety performance of the combination, the regulator said on its Facebook page.

The NHVR said it developed the standards and performance requirements for the concept, conducted computer modelling and simulation of the vehicle, as well as physical testing of the stability of combination and an effective load restraint system.

“This innovative combination will significantly increase productivity even over the existing very efficient Super-B and PBS A-doubles currently in operation as this vehicle is designed to move four 40 foot or eight empty 20 foot shipping containers at a time, stacked to an impressive height of over 7 metres,” the regulator said.

“The NHVR is proud to be a part of this ground-breaking initiative and we look forward to taking part in more innovation driving productivity and safety to new (double-stacked) heights.”

Big Rigs has approached the regulator for more details and to find out more about what the next steps are from here.

Story update:

Qube also posted news of the trial – nicknamed the London Project in homage to the city’s double-decker buses – on its LinkedIn page today.

“We’re excited to be working with O’Phee Trailers and The Drake Group in trialling stage one of our new innovative double stacked triple trailing units,” the post said.

“These High Productivity Vehicles have the potential to increase operational efficiencies, given their ability to move 12 x 20ft containers at a time, and we believe they could also contribute to lower emissions by eliminating truck movements.”

Under stringent safety and operational conditions, the trial saw the vehicle carry the containers on a defined route within Qube’s port facilities and limited public port roads.

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