Australia’s newest online haulage marketplace

Managing director at Loadlink Australia, Anthony Kosseris is a second-generation transport operator linking shippers and carriers through this recently launched online platform.

Since going live in January 2023, Loadlink has accumulated over 250 registered users, with new businesses joining the Loadlink family each day.

Kosseris says the online platform was developed to create a more direct connection between those wanting goods carried and the ones who have the capabilities to carry them, cutting out the middle-man.

It’s an Australian haulage marketplace connecting shippers and carriers, allowing them to exchange goods and services efficiently and transparently.

Kosseris says Loadlink was created to make finding freight and listing loads easier and more streamlined than ever before. And being at the helm of his own Gold Coast based transport business, he knows the industry and knows it well.

“My dad is in trucks too, so I’m second generation. We run our own separate business – he’s 70 years old and still running trucks. When I was born, he was away interstate in a truck, so I was literally crawling over trucks from when I was a baby. I’ve always been involved in trucks in some way or another,” Kosseris explained.

“When I’m not in the office making this system go, I’m in the workshop, under the hood, working on the trucks, or in the warehouse loading our trucks, trying to make a go of it all in the transport industry. So Loadlink has been designed by Australian transport operators for the transport industry. We’re busy every day attracting more shippers to the platform, and likewise more carriers.

“There are lots of other platforms out there that have changed their direction, which hasn’t benefitted the carrier. I’m a transport operator and I’ve been in transport all of my life. I run my own trucks every day in a separate business to this, so I know what it’s like out there.”

Since its launch in January, Loadlink has continued to grow and evolve, with more and more features added as time goes on. Among these is Loadlink’s load matching algorithm that can connect shippers and carriers automatically online.

Another exciting feature is the carrier profile page, where carriers can create an online profile showcasing their transport business. They can also store truck types and configurations for easy load matching and future repeat business.

“We’ve added some pretty cool features to Loadlink, with the load matching function launched during May. As a carrier, you can easily list where your truck is going to be and when,” Kosseris said.

“For example, if your truck is going to be in Rockhampton on Tuesday next week and you don’t have a load to carry back or you have available space on your trailers, Loadlink can match you with the loads that are available in that area, at that time. It eliminates the need for you to trawl through listings to find a load. It then puts the shippers and carriers in contact with each other. That’s one feature we have that we know no one else is yet doing.”

Providing the most advanced online transportation marketplace, Loadlink is making load transport easier and more efficient. “We also have many other new and exciting features we are building in the background which will be launched in coming months,” Kosseris revealed.

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