Bridge foundations complete as $1 billion Gympie bypass project progresses

The final concrete pile has now been poured for the Gympie bypass project’s 42 bridge structures.

This is the last of 575 piles that have had to be installed, as part of the $1 billion project, which is due for completion in late 2024, weather permitting.

With the piles now in place, works on all bridges on the Gympie bypass are either underway or complete.

There are 42 bridges at 23 locations throughout the 26km Gympie bypass project.

The Keefton Road underpass, Bolcaro Road overpass, Noosa Road overpass and the recently opened Flood Road interchange bridge are now all open.

“The construction of these bridges is crucial to the flood immunity of the project,” said Federal Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government Minister Catherine King.

“When completed, this new section of the National Highway will stand 27 metres above the regular Mary River water height in Gympie, at its lowest point.

“The new bypass is being built to a height that would have remained operational during events like the devastating floods of early 2022.”

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