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Loving life on the road

Soon after Rusty York,74, stopped at a rest area between Cardwell and Ingham in his Isuzu MRP300, he revealed he had “no fixed address”.

“I live in the truck and sleep inside a tent I set up at the back at night. I also have a gas burner to cook food on,” he said.

When he stopped to chat, York was carrying general freight to Brisbane. He purchased the Isuzu in Perth 18 months ago and drove it on the marathon journey to Cairns.

“It is a great and reliable truck and has more than 500,000km on the clock,” he said.

From the United States, York had just returned from Washington state to see a sick relative.

“I drove trucks all over the USA, mainly carting anything from frozen goods to lumberjack. My favourite truck was a Peterbilt cab over,” he said.

The worst road he nominated was the one between Perth to Alice Springs. “They have a nerve even calling it a highway,” he said.

York said the rest area he stopped at was great because it had serviced toilets and tables and chairs.

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