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Clean trucks, no sweat with Aussie Pumps

Big rig owners and operators love the huge investments that are often their pride and joy. One thing they don’t like is the time it takes to clean these vehicles to make them look their best.

Aussie’s survey

An ad-hoc survey carried out by Aussie Pumps recently on truck owners showed that many of them have an expert knowledge of vehicle mechanics but don’t know much about triplex pumps or pressure cleaners.

The problem is exacerbated because most pressure cleaners on the market are cheap third world products, available through tool shops, hardware stores, even mower shops. These are aimed at DIYers, not professional operators.

For cleaning a big project like earthmoving plant or a big semi you need a professional machine.

Why Aussie is best

When Aussie Pumps introduced the Scud five years ago it took the market by storm. Elegant in design, functional, easy to push around and extremely powerful, the Scuds are ideal for big plant washdown.

With a fully welded stainless steel frame (no bolt togethers for Aussie), and the world’s best high pressure piston pump – the “Big Berty” Bertolini – the machines come in a range of three specific models targeting the transport industry.

All powered by a Honda 13hp engine, available in either recoil or electric start, the machines are gearbox driven. That means no belts and pulleys to wear or fray and of course the machines are slow speed. The engine runs at 3200rpm but, by the time it’s got through the reduction box to the pump, the pump is only running at 1450rpm. Those big pumps, with huge, finned crank cases run cooler and provide long, trouble-free life, for decades.

All machines come with “Aussie’s Safety Protection” kit which includes a safety valve that will blow off in the event of a pressure spike. A thermal dump valve is also fitted as standard equipment. This is to protect the machine from overheating if left on excessive bypass.

High pressure guns, long lances and even stainless steel reels with 30 metres of high pressure hose are all part of the package of accessories available to operators.

Cleaning a “big rig” needs the convenience of having a cleaning machine that can do the job fast.

Three Scud options

The Aussie Scud range offers three options for pressure/flow combinations.

For extremely dirty applications, Aussie reckons their Scud 351 is the go. With a flow of 21 litres per minute, matched to 2600psi pressure performance, the machine will make light work of even stock crates. The Scud comes standard with detergent injection as part of the kit.

A 5000psi rated gun with a stainless steel double lance enables high pressure/low pressure modulation and the activation of the detergent system. Using Aussie’s heavy duty Turbo Master turbo lance means the blaster has an effective working pressure (EWP) of 4000psi.

Second in the line-up is the Scud 350. This machine produces 3000psi at 15lpm, same great engine, same gearbox drive heavy-duty “Big Berty” pump, and matched with a turbo, the EWP becomes 4785psi!

The third option, Aussie’s Scud 400, is found in every Kennard’s Hire branch around the country; or in the diesel version at Coates operations. It’s a winner.

With 4000psi and 15lpm the machine has the extra grunt, and flow to get the cleaning of big rigs done fast. Add a turbo and the Scud 400 delivers an amazing EWP of 6485psi. All machines are available with detergent injection as standard equipment, and all the safety gear you would ever want.

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