Filtration training, designed to suit your needs

The filtration industry can be a complicated one. On top of this, with the rapid technological changes, what you knew yesterday may no longer be relevant.

So with that, staying up to date with the latest news and changes in the industry is imperative, so you and your business can stay ahead of the curve and grow your bottom line.

Fortunately, Fleetguard offers partners comprehensive training to move your business in filtration further on the road. Working with our delivery partners, we provide flexible options to help you maximise your learning potential.

No matter what option you choose, you will find a flexible training experience, helping support your business growth and profitability.

For those interested in a broad overview of issues within the filtration industry, our webinar series offers flexible learning perfect for group sessions. We make both basic and advanced filtration knowledge accessible and can customise our webinar sessions to suit your and your team’s interests.

Whether you’re a dealer or a customer, we ensure comprehensive training tailored to suit your needs – plus, all of our past webinars are stored in our online library for easy reference after the sessions.

If you’re looking for a more traditional education pathway, we’ve got you covered there, too. Fleetschool offers you the chance to earn your degree in filtration.

As a student, you’ll be on the cusp of the changes afoot in the industry, keeping up-to-date of key developments in filtration technology. Fleetschool is a free online training program that lets you self-guide through training modules, covering a heap of industry-related issues. Want to go from a filtration trainee to a filtration expert? Look no further; with short tutorials, self-assessments and online course monitoring, Fleetschool is ready to help you move your business forward.

When it comes to filtration products, the Fleetguard website is your one-stop shop, with up-to-date information on all of our products on offer.

You can narrow your search for the perfect part through our localised parts search and cross-reference features, stay in the loop on new product releases, read up on parts and brush up on safety data. And, while you’re there, why not subscribe to our eNewsletter at fleetguard.com.

“For those who are ready to level-up their filtration training, Fleetguard onsite training is unmatched,” said Fleetguard’s technical manager, Kevin Wilkinson.

“Our Fleetguard representatives dig deeper than anyone else in the market to share with our partners the latest information on different engine filtration technologies so that we can help filtration trainees become experts.”

If you’re interested in onsite training, get in touch with your local Fleetguard account manager. And if a self-paced, online option appeals to you more, register at fleetschool.com to get started!

Regardless of which path you choose, custom knowledge pathways are easier than ever before. When your team is knowledgeable about filtration technology, everyone benefits. Choose your path from one of our popular training routes, and begin your filtration journey today.

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