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Embracing the future of fleet management

In the fast-paced, competitive landscape of fleet operations, finding a balance between efficiency, compliance, and safety is more important than ever.

Gone are the days when fleet managers could rely solely on conventional wireless technologies like Bluetooth for on-board scales.

An established, more efficient solution is now necessary to meet the demands of a modern fleet, whether small or comprising thousands of vehicles. That’s where Air-Weigh steps in.

Bluetooth technology, while effective in certain circumstances, has proven to be inadequate for the intricate task of pairing trucks with trailers. Manual selection and pairing can be time-consuming and taxing for drivers.

What’s worse, research has shown that drivers often overlook or fail to use the necessary applications, leading to potential noncompliance with Performance Based Standards (PBS) permits.

Enter Air-Weigh, a game-changer in the world of fleet management. Offering a value proposition that far surpasses traditional wireless or Bluetooth scales, Air-Weigh brings efficiency to your doorstep, making your fleet operation virtually “wireless”.

Air-Weigh eliminates the need for additional cabling between your trucks and trailers. Instead, our innovative system cleverly uses the pre-existing 7-pin electrical suzi coils that power your lights.

The result is an operation that requires minimum driver intervention. All a driver needs to do is ensure the legally required 7-pin electrical suzi coil is connected.

But that’s not all. Air-Weigh’s cutting-edge system also automatically assigns trailers in the correct order. This means every truck-trailer configuration will be compliant with your company’s PBS permits, all without requiring any driver input. It’s as simple as turning the key and hitting the road.

One of the standout features of Air-Weigh is the “hot swapping” capability. With our technology, you’ll never have to worry about pairing or reprogramming trucks and trailers again. It’s all about plug and play, whether from truck to trailer or trailer to trailer.

What does this mean for your drivers? Reduced distraction and a safer environment. By eliminating the need for mobile phones or tablets, we drastically lower the risk of on-road distractions, thus significantly enhancing the safety of your fleet.

Understanding the vital role Smart OBM systems play in modern fleet operations, Air-Weigh ensures compatibility with all telematics providers approved by Transport Certification Australia (TCA). This offers flexibility that most On-Board Mass (OBM) providers can’t match.

Whether your fleet is small or numbers in the thousands, Air-Weigh is the future-proof solution you need. Embrace the ease of use, enhance safety, and ensure seamless fleet operations with Air-Weigh’s pioneering solutions.

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