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WALKING FLOOR: Unload where tippers cannot

When it comes to flexibility in the field, a KEITH WALKING FLOOR trailer offers an advantage over its tipping counterpart. Operators can unload almost anywhere.

The horizontal unloading of a moving floor trailer allows for loads to be discharged at nearly any location, including inside of buildings and in areas with overhead hazards like trees or utility lines.

“Horizontal unloading is also a clear safety advantage,” said Zyggy Reinoga of KEITH WALKING FLOOR Australia Pty Ltd. “Not only does it eliminate the dangers of hitting power cables; the risk of trailers toppling like a tipping trailer is removed.”

As a result, WALKING FLOOR trailers can be safely unloaded in a variety of environments not suited for tippers. “This offers operators more unloading options,” added Reinoga.

“If a customer wants the material offloaded under a covered location or wants the load distributed at multiple locations in the yard, it is no problem for a WALKING FLOOR trailer.”

Moving floor trailers feature a hydraulic drive, located under the trailer. The drive actuates a series of floor slats inside the trailer that “walk” material out the back. No tipping or tilting is needed to completely discharge the load.

According to Reinoga, operators cite the ability to haul a wide variety of materials as an advantage of using WALKING FLOOR trailers.

“Moving floor systems don’t only handle bulk materials, you can also unload bales and pallets. This makes the WALKING FLOOR system attractive to operators interested in backhauling options.”

Fine materials, such as feed, seed and mulch often benefit from a cleanout tarp. KEITH offers its CleenSweep tarp system as an optional accessory to its WALKING FLOOR unloader.

Used in conjunction with the WALKING FLOOR system, the CleenSweep tarp sweeps out the residual material as the trailer unloads. Operators no longer need to enter the trailer to use a broom or manual tarp for cleanout.

“Keeping personnel out of the trailers is always preferable,” said Reinoga. “The risk of being buried by material, falling or having a back injury are all increased when operators are getting in and out of the trailers.”

The tarp is attached to a winch system, where it extends inside of the trailer. The load rests on the tarp and as the WALKING FLOOR system unloads the trailer, the weight of the material pulls the tarp along with the floor, cleaning as it goes. Once the unloading is complete, the CleenSweep tarp is reset at the push of a button.

Since 1973, KEITH has provided a variety of industries with WALKING FLOOR technology. For more information on KEITH WALKING FLOOR systems, visit keithwalkingfloor.com or contact Zyggy Reinoga of KEITH WALKING FLOOR Australia on 0404 041 833 to discuss your material handling needs.

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