Transurban’s rort of our roads


Once again, Transurban has demonstrated its utter disregard for the economic challenges faced by ordinary, hardworking people by increasing road tolls, effective from July 1, 2023.

This decision, which follows their eye-watering $55 million half-year profit earlier this year, showcases a concerning lack of empathy and highlights the extent to which corporate greed has infiltrated our transport infrastructure.

This toll hike is an unjustifiable move, particularly given the cost of living crisis that continues to plague our communities. With wages stagnating, living expenses soaring, and inflation rates on the rise, the burden of inflated toll costs will only further strain the already stretched household budgets of ordinary citizens.

Transurban’s decision to impose this financial burden on individuals and families who rely on our roads for their daily commute and essential travel needs is both heartless and callous.

But the impact of this toll hike extends far beyond individual motorists. The transport industry, which already operates on razor-thin margins, will face the brunt of these exorbitant increases. Operating costs for transport companies will skyrocket, placing an even deadlier pressure on an industry that is already battling to stay afloat.

Over the past 12 months, tolls on NSW roads have surged by up to 6.74 per cent, and the quarterly adjustments will only exacerbate the financial strain faced by transport operators.

This year, we have seen over 25 people killed in truck related crashes on NSW roads. We know that applying more pressure to the transport industry which is already under crisis will increase the deadly pressures placed on transport workers.

The increased tolls will directly translate into higher expenses, ultimately impacting the prices of goods and putting pressure on transport workers to meet unrealistic deadlines.

The transport industry plays a crucial role in connecting people, facilitating trade, and driving economic growth. However, by burdening transport operators with such exorbitant toll costs, Transurban risks stifling industry growth, hindering job creation, and hampering the efficient movement of goods and services across the region.

In light of these distressing consequences, it is imperative that Transurban reassesses its priorities. Rather than prioritising excessive profits and further burdening everyday, working people, Transurban should be focusing on providing toll relief and support to those who cannot afford to continue lining the company’s already deep pockets. This is not merely a matter of fairness; it is a matter of corporate responsibility and societal well-being.

It is time for Transurban to be held accountable for their disregard of the community’s needs. We must call upon Transurban to reconsider its decision and engage in meaningful dialogue with stakeholders, including community representatives, business leaders, and policymakers, to find alternative solutions that strike a fair balance between financial objectives and the welfare of the people.

In a society that claims to value equality and the well-being of its citizens, it is imperative that we challenge the prevailing culture of corporate greed.

Together, let us demand a transport system that is accessible, affordable, and sustainable, and ensure that Transurban’s pursuit of profit does not come at the expense of the community it serves.

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