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Updated mechanical coupling standards released

Standards Australia has released updated versions of mechanical couplings standards for 2023.

Heavy Vehicle Industry Australia (HVIA) explained what these changes mean.

The Australian/New Zealand Standard 4968 (Heavy road vehicles – Mechanical coupling between articulated vehicle combinations) comprises the following three individual parts, each of which has been received minor updates and improvements for 2023.

  • 4968.1:2023 – Part 1: Design criteria and selection requirements for fifth-wheel, kingpin, and associated equipment
  • 4968.2:2023 – Part 2: Testing and installation of fifth-wheel and associated equipment
  • 4968.3:2023 – Part 3: Kingpins and associated equipment

The updates include various improvements to aid clarity and reduce ambiguity, particularly in relation to the D-value formula and calculation of design forces. All changes are listed in the ‘preface’ section of the individual documents.

The Standard can be viewed here.

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