We ALL Need Space to keep you safe campaign

Our commitment to building strong and respected relationships with industry as well as local and state governments helps us stay connected and informed on the challenges and opportunities that are facing the heavy vehicle supply chain. 

To protect and support the safety of operators, drivers, and everyone on our roads, we continue to expand our Don’t #uck With A Truck and We Need Space campaigns. 

Our second phase of the Don’t #uck With A Truck is a campaign titled Don’t Truck It Up, which features social media personality Luisa Dal Din, demonstrating a range of safety scenarios including turning, stopping and overtaking a truck.

A scrap metal claw, sledgehammer and slingshot destroy popular objects in a young person’s life, such as mobile phones and gaming consoles, to show how quickly crashes can occur if they don’t follow the rules around driving safely around trucks. 

I’m excited to share our latest phase of We Need Space, aptly titled We ALL Need Space. 

This latest phase will feature the faces of popular celebrities to help spread the word that whether you’re a comedian, musician, athlete, truck driver, car motorist, cyclist, or pedestrian, we all need space to stay safe on the roads.

The first celebrity we’ve partnered with for We ALL Need Space is renowned Aussie comedian and social media personality Jimmy Rees.

Jimmy has shared three videos in his signature point of view style, sharing his humorous take on the family road trip, young drivers’ attitude after first receiving their Provisional (P) licence, and the habits of caravanners, all whilst highlighting how these groups, and everyone, can drive safely around trucks.

In the videos, Jimmy addresses how to navigate a truck’s blind spots, keep the lanes beside a turning truck free, and how to safely overtake a truck. 

Specifically, for caravanners, the video explains the importance of leaving truck rest stops free and using the UHF radio Channel 40 to let truck drivers know if a caravanner plans to overtake, or vice versa. 

Stay tuned – we have more exciting personalities lined up to lend their voice to this important safety initiative.

The campaign is live now with more components being released through to September, so keep an eye out on your socials for Jimmy’s videos.

For more information, visit nhvr.gov.au/weneedspace.

You can view the first wave of videos in this campaign by clicking here.

  • Michelle Tayler is NHVR executive director, corporate affairs

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