Chas Kelly Transport union members to strike for 24 hours

chas kelly

The Transport Workers’ Union members of Chas Kelly Transport in Tasmania will be on a 24-hour stoppage as of 6am tomorrow, July 6, over alleged attempts to erode standards in enterprise agreement negotiations.

The union said this action is in response to the company’s refusal to provide workers “fair representation, training and improved standards within the workplace”.

The TWU said negotiations have now reached an impasse after nine months of negotiations.

A 24-hour stoppage by around 40 union members at Chas Kelly Transport’s East Devonport depot is seen as a “last resort” to bring the company back to the table to reach a fair deal.

“The aim of these negotiations is to safeguard workers’ livelihoods and secure fair treatment amidst the ongoing cost of living crisis and to provide them stability and safety in undertaking their work,” said a union media statement.

The state’s branch assistant secretary Mem Suleyman said these workers are showing “tremendous courage” by standing up against Chas Kelly Transport.

“Strikes are never the desired course of action, but these workers have exhausted all other options,” Suleyman said.

“Chas Kelly Transport has relentlessly attacked them, aiming to deprive them of fair representation and improved standards during some of the hardest economic times for households.

“Workers are standing in solidarity to protect their rights and access to fair working conditions during critical times. This strike serves as a collective call to action against the erosion of workers’ rights and the detrimental impact of the ongoing cost of living crisis.”

“Road transport is Australia’s deadliest industry. We need federal parliament to urgently pass transport reform to make trucking safer, fairer and more sustainable.”

Chas Kelly Transport has been approached for comment.

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