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WHG helping to keep things all on track

In only 15 years, Arva Transport and Logistics has grown from a single operator with just one truck, to a fleet of over 100 vehicles – and counting. 

With the company on a trajectory of growth, the Arva team sought innovative technology. Arva adopted WHG telematics solutions to support the business growth, enhance visibility and assist with keeping operations running smoothly – from asset tracking and location through to driver safety monitoring and training, the team has leaned on its tech.

Arva was started by Agustinus ‘Gus’ Arief in 2008, servicing the eastern seaboard, carrying all manner of general freight; and offering a professional service built around communication and passion. 

“Our operations are currently centred around Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane – and we service those areas well,” said general manager Tai Etuale. “We have a mixture of semis, rigids and B-doubles, which are contracted to specific customers, with our bread and butter being our interstate linehaul services. We run drop deck Vawdrey trailers that are designed to pick up any type of load, with sliding removable posts for full straight deck conversion and mezzanines rated for rear end loading, so we very rarely run empty and the design is user friendly for operators.”

Arva’s main base is in Laverton North, however a site will soon be opened in Brisbane and an Adelaide depot is due to open later this year. Etuale revealed a second Melbourne site is also on the cards in the very near future too.

Some of the Arva Transport warehousing team.

To accommodate its growth, Arva has a heap of new equipment on order, including 15 Scania prime movers, five Kenworth K200s, three Volvos, 15 rigids (including Hinos, UDs and Fusos) and a yearly Vawdrey trailer order, all due to arrive from August 2023 to the second quarter of 2024. 

For the past five years or so, Arva has utilised the services of WHG, a leading supplier of vehicle and asset tracking telematic technologies, driver safety technology and other services.

“The system means we can track drivers in terms of ETAs for deliveries or pick-ups. An important role as an allocator is to understand the location of linehaul vehicles inbound to notify customers and let them know what was happening with their load – and there was always that worry about distracting drivers whilst driving and waking drivers up affecting their fatigue. The transparency of the WHG system means we’re able to get all the info we need without having to jeopardise the safety of our drivers out on the road,

“We run a lot of reporting off the system, including driver behaviour – it monitors things like speed and braking performance. If the driver goes above a certain speed, it gives the driver an alert, providing 10 seconds for them to rectify their speed and slow down, before generating a report and alerting us.”

He added that the system helps ensure compliance. “And that’s the whole purpose of it – to make sure our driver behaviour is correct out on the road, not just for the perception of our business but most importantly, for the safety of the public. 

“We get this report now, and it’s barely worth me opening the email anymore, because our operators are all doing the right thing on the road. It’s been extremely effective.”

Having been in the game for some time and worked for other major transport companies in the past, Etuale says he’s used other telematics providers but what sets WHG apart is its ease of use and back-up support. “The thing that stands out to me is what happens behind the scenes. As a consumer I want to understand more about how to use the systems and have all the key info there. The key is in the aftersales and ongoing support. 

“In the beginning we weren’t using the system to its full potential – and if you’re not using it properly, you’re not going to get the most out of it,” Etuale said.

“WHG is a great solution provider and they’re always there when we need them. At the moment, we’re in the process of getting the final WHG units installed across the fleet – and all our new equipment will have the system fitted before the equipment is delivered.”

With a team of safety-conscious drivers, propelled by passion and effective communication, and a fleet guided by advanced technology supported by WHG, Arva continues to expand. When you next see an Arva truck on the road, give the team a wave.

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