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After a dog, a dashcam is a driver’s best friend

By Andrew Rossington, chief product officer, Teletrac Navman

As every driver knows, you’ve got to keep your eyes on the road. Conditions change fast, other drivers are unpredictable and unfamiliar roads pose a challenge. But what if you had an extra set of eyes helping you out?

This is where a smart dashcam comes into play. For many drivers and operators, a dashcam can be your best friend on the road. There are lots of good reasons why it makes sense to invest in a quality dashcam, particularly one where new technology, incorporating artificial intelligence, is used to tell you more than just show you footage.

The latest cameras won’t just record your journey. They recognise road signs, which is a boon when you’re driving a route you don’t know well. Approaching a stop or give-way sign? Your dashcam will warn you if you pass these incorrectly. And with speed limit sign recognition, there’s never any danger of breaking the law and facing a fine, disciplinary action from your employer or potentially losing your license.

It’s easy to let your speed creep up, especially on a long, open road where other users might be breaking the limit. But as an operator, you know you must stay below the posted maximum – and the average speed cameras on most major highways will catch you out if you don’t. A dashcam will keep a watchful look out for you, adding another set of eyes to the road. Most modern dashcams also have low light sensors, which is where many incidents occur, and can be used to potentially see through bad weather onto the road ahead when needed.

New dashcams can also warn you if you’re following another vehicle too closely, or if you’re engaging in harsh braking or manoeuvring. Drivers have a heavy workload, and any assistance you can get to make sure you get to your destination safely, and on time, is worth having.

When you’re on the road, you also quicky realise some other users pose a danger, both to you, as an operator, as well as to themselves and others. A lack of lane discipline, speeding, cutting in front of your truck and undertaking are some of the behaviours operators must deal with every day. 

A dashcam can also help you out if there’s an incident, validating your side of the story and helping with insurance claims.

This is where the traditional function of a dashcam – aside from the AI features like road sign recognition – comes in handy. A dashcam is an impartial witness to what has happened, and the footage can be relayed to your insurer or enforcement as it can be tendered as evidence in court.  

You might not get the same companionship from a dashcam that you’d get from a pet, but you will get another set of impartial eyes, eyes which can help you do your job better, arrive at your destination safely and act as a witness if there is an incident. What’s not to like?

So for any of your smart camera requirements in your business, get in touch with your local Teletrac Navman team member, by calling 1300 111 477.

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