Over 60 trucks surprise young truck fan for his eighth birthday

A mother put a call out on Facebook for a truck driver who was willing to take her son for a ride in their truck for his eighth birthday – but what they got was beyond what they ever could have imagined.

Based in Hamilton, New Zealand, Oliver Johnson is absolutely obsessed with trucks and hopes to one day be a truck driver himself.

His mother Katherine had noticed he had been feeling lonely and thought a truck ride would help to put a smile on his face. So she offered up $50 to anyone willing to give him a ride in their truck.

What happened next is truly heart-warming.

Her Facebook post was seen by Barry Hart, owner of Hart Haulage Ltd in Auckland.

He got to work organising a convoy for Oliver’s eighth birthday on Sunday July 9 and the result was 65 trucks banding together to help give him a birthday he’d never forget.

Trucks roll into the Hart Haulage yard.

Hart was inundated with people wanting to take part in the convoy and others wanting to help in other ways.

Complete strangers sent gifts and even a truck-shaped birthday cake. Some truckies travelled from over an hour away to take part in the celebrations, and Oliver got to pick which truck he would ride in.

Well known truckie Paul ‘Sludge’Andrews of Outback Truckers fame, also sent a video with his well wishes for Oliver on his birthday.

Following Oliver’s birthday event, Hart posted on Facebook to express his gratitude to all involved, “To all those drivers, family and friends that turned up, you guys and gals are the true heroes of the day. Most of you get just 1 day off a week to be with your family and you chose to give your time to complete strangers, take a bow you deserve it.

“To my own family and the HHL team who turned out yesterday. You humble me… that you are all so willing to give your time, every time I decide to get behind something, you never complain you are always there, thank you.

“If you wonder why it was such an amazing day, check out the smile on not just Ollie’s face, but every one of those hard truckers who many also shared a tear over the day. It was truly a day to remember!”

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