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Truck driver keeping rail lines in check

Allan Wenck, 36, drives an Isuzu tilt truck for Queensland Rail and was parked up at the sleepy hamlet of Mingela when Big Rigs saw him.

He carries tools and other gear for railway gangs working on maintenance of the line out west.

With him that day was his assistant Ian Burns who was in the passenger seat.

“I travel mainly between Townsville and Charters Towers but do get out to Pentland and occasionally to Mount Isa,” Wenck said.

He added that the Flinders Highway does get very busy at times. “A lot of trucks travel on it.”

His hobbies include playing darts in Charters Towers whilst Burns enjoys fishing.

Both these lads love their jobs supporting the gangs which keep the western permanent way in good shape.

The railway line between inland Mount Isa and Townsville Port has lots of trains which bring minerals for export.

Mingela is a tiny centre just off the Flinders Highway; located 87km from Townsville and 43km from Charters Towers.

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