Free Fresnel lenses for heavy vehicle operators in NSW


Transport for NSW (TfNSW) is giving away a limited number of free Fresnel lenses to heavy vehicle operators to help drivers see in their blind spots.

The lenses are a thin plastic lens that attach to the passenger side window on a heavy vehicle. They provide the driver with a wide-angle view and help them notice other road users who may otherwise have been hidden.

Transport for NSW trialled the effectiveness of the lenses in minimising passenger side blind spots on heavy vehicles.

The trial found that 61 per cent of the participants reported having the Fresnel lens made driving at least a bit safer, while 15 per cent indicated the Fresnel lens had helped them to avoid a potential crash one or more times during the evaluation.

To be eligible for a free lens, operators must be based in NSW and the lenses are most suitable for heavy vehicles which are over 12 tonnes GVM and a 2015 model or older.

Visit the online catalogue to order your lens. There is a maximum of 10 allowed with each order, while stocks last.

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