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Roadworks cause headaches along Flinders Highway

With numerous roadworks currently underway along the Flinders Highway, our Spy on the Road pointed out a very frustrating issue.

Holdups for roadworks are necessary for truck drivers who generally came to the conclusion that when completed they will improve safety.

On my 130km return trip from Townsville to Charters Towers along the Flinders Highway last Friday there were roadworks aplenty.

Some were controlled by lights at each end and required stopping for a short period.

A road train travels along the Flinders Highway.

Others had traffic controllers whilst some just had speed restriction signs reducing speed to either 60km/h or 80km/h.

But there was a 4km stretch which had 60km signs with no roadworks in sight.

That really made some truckies angry as several told Spy at a couple of places along the way.

It was pointed out that this stretch is usually busy with road trains – often doubles, triples or in some cases quads.

Holdups affect all drivers dearly especially with the fatigue laws in place.

It must be pointed out that some sections along that stretch are wonderful and have a 110km/h speed limit for motorists.

And those sections are in such a good state because of previous roadworks and upgrades.

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