Truckie shares special love story from the road

Paraplegic Asta Johnson enjoys travelling with her truck driver partner Adam Evans who also doubles as her volunteer carer in what is a genuine and touching love story.

I saw the pair sitting near me having a meal at Townsville’s BP Cluden Roadhouse.

Asta’s wheelchair was beside the table and I could hear them deep in conversation about trucks and their trip from Brisbane.

A bit later I drove through the roadhouse parking area and saw Adam holding hands with Asta who was in her wheelchair and they ended up at his truck.

They looked so happy together and and I knew this was a special story.

So I asked would they mind if we had a yarn and if I could take some pics.

“Not at all and I enjoy being with Adam on trips which are normally between Brisbane and Rockhampton. But this is the longest one yet and we are going to Cairns,” Asta said.

The 47-year-old Adam was driving a 2006 Iveco carrying cars for Brisbane-based Camel Towing and loves the job.

Aged 40, Asta said she had a serious car accident in 2005 which left her a paraplegic and her life has since been severely restricted.

“My life was pretty much a struggle and that has changed since I met Adam about a year ago. He used to live in a flat near me and we fell in love. We are now engaged and will get married soon,” Asta said.

Adam has been a truckie since he was aged 18 and followed in the footsteps of his dad Robert who was also a driver.

Many would consider it a challenge to assist Asta with her special needs during trips in the truck but Adam relishes it.

“I lift her from the wheelchair into the passenger seat of the Iveco and it is no trouble. I love her and will do anything to help her,” Adam said.

All strapped in and ready for the long drive to Cairns.

Adam was glowing in praise for his boss who fully approves of him taking Asta along.

“Absolutely he supports us fully,” Adam said.

When on their trips, the pair do come across some difficulties and the main one is finding suitable showers and toilets at roadhouses  and rest area which have facilities for the disabled.

“Just recently we stopped at a roadhouse at Marlborough and there was no way Asta could use the toilet. We were told that the nearest facility to cater for disabled people was 1.5km up the road. But trucks could not access it so I picked Asta up from her wheelchair and carried her into one,” he said.

I saw that tender loving care Adam displayed for Asta as he lifted her from her wheelchair and into the Iveco passenger seat.

They even pinched a passionate and heartfelt kiss during the exercise.

She looked so content there and was looking forward to many future trips together.

“We are in love and I want to be with Adam all the time,” Asta said.

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