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Load limit remains in place on the Barron River Bridge on Kennedy Hwy

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A load limit of 50.5 tonnes remains in place on the Barron River Bridge on the Kennedy Highway near Kuranda in Queensland.

In October 2020, inspections identified fatigue cracks in some steel elements of the 60-year-old bridge that has been plagued with issues for years.

TMR said it successfully carried out investigations, testing and repairs to ensure the bridge is safe for vehicles under 50.5 tonnes.

“A regular monitoring and testing program ensures the bridge remains safe,” it said in the latest update to industry.

TMR said it is “progressing” a planning study to assess and develop long-term solutions for replacing or rehabilitating the bridge.

Meanwhile, the following vehicles are permitted to cross:

The following vehicles must apply for a route specific single trip permit:

  • Class 1 combinations between 42.5 and 50.5 tonnes
  • Agricultural vehicles/combinations exceeding 25 tonnes

All other Class 1, 2 or 3 vehicles/combinations must find an alternate route.

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