Not all lights are built the same

Technological advancements, particularly in the realm of LED lights, have significantly transformed the auxiliary light market for many years now.

LED lights offer enhanced illumination while consuming less power, often within smaller, more compact, aero design packages. Still, an excess of technical jargon and specifications can make it hard to distinguish good from bad, but from experience we know not all lights are made the same, so what should we be looking for?

Generally, drivers will be looking to enhance safety when driving at night through a combination of better lighting both in the long-range and at the sides of the road. Getting the right balance of both is important and can either be achieved by using lights with a ‘combo’ beam pattern, or the more customisable option to use a combination of lights with either spot and/or flood beam patterns. Technical specifications can be useful to help steer your search for the right light(s) but try to find photos and videos of products in use (more helpful than a photometric diagram), combined with independent reviews either from trusted websites, recommendations from friends, and word of mouth, which can also guide you towards reliable choices. Be careful though, even amongst the reputable brands available, scratch beneath the surface and with some of these, there are questions over the design and manufacturing of the products and what it means for their performance and reliability.

One of the standout features of the Sentinel range is its combination beam pattern.

You’ll pay a little more for quality but if that means not having to replace your lights after a year or two, the higher initial investment can often stack up very well. Reputable brands will be able to clearly demonstrate features which contribute to a better overall product, and include rigorous testing by independent organisations to ensure they meet certain standards of quality, performance and safety. This certification data provides information about factors such as light output, beam patterns, durability, and compliance with industry regulations.

One industry leader that distinguishes itself in the field of auxiliary lights is Lazer Lamps. Lazer Lamps has garnered popularity among both company fleets and independent truck owners with its impressive selection of high-quality lights specifically designed for trucks, and designed and manufactured from their headquarters in the UK. The Sentinel and Triple-R lights are notable offerings from Lazer Lamps.

While the beam patterns of the Sentinel and Triple-R lights are comparable, there are variations in their design and mounting options. Some lights within the Triple-R range feature a taller light distribution, making them preferable for higher mounting positions. Moreover, the choice between a light bar or round lights ultimately comes down to personal preference. Lazer Lamps’ products generally strike a good balance between distance and left-right spread. An even distribution of light also prevents glare from road signs, ensuring a glare-free driving experience – an attribute valued by Lazer users all over the world.

What sets Lazer Lamps apart is their unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. With an in-house UK design, engineering and production team, the company ensures meticulous craftsmanship that adheres to the highest standards. This level of control over the entire production process enables Lazer Lamps to deliver durable, reliable lights tailored to the specific needs of truck drivers. The company also recognises the importance of sustainability in today’s world. Lazer actively implements eco-friendly practices throughout its operations and employs energy-efficient manufacturing processes while striving to reduce waste and promote recycling. Their dedication to sustainability aligns with the growing environmental consciousness of customers and industry alike.

To explore Lazer Lamps’ extensive range of auxiliary lights and make an informed decision for your truck, visit their Australian website at lazerlamps.com.au. Discover how their high-quality lights can illuminate your journey and enhance your driving experience.

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