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Hitting the road with this friendly furniture trio

Kale Staver and his mates Scott Sproule and Arahi Edwards were delivering furniture from an Isuzu when Big Rigs saw them in the Townsville CBD about 10am one tropical morning recently.

They work for Conroy Removals and carry furniture around the north Queensland capital and to other places.

“We do go as far as Cairns and Mossman up north, south to Mackay and out west to Mount Isa,” Staver said.

That day they were delivering furniture to the top floor of an office in downtown Flinders Street.

They are a genuine friendly trio and Staver and Edwards both drive the truck whilst Sproule normally works in the company office but helped that day on a big job.

Between them, Staver and Sproule have been in the industry for 38 years whilst Kiwi Edwards is a relative newcomer in Australia at least.

“I have only been in the job for five minutes compared to the boys,” he said.

In his travels Staver said he liked stopping at Andy’s Roadhouse which is 130km north of Townsville at Ingham.

“They serve the biggest and most tasty burgers you would get anywhere,” Staver said.

Being from New Zealand, Edwards barracks for the Auckland Warriors in the NRL whilst Staver and Sproule follow the local Cowboys and Sydney Bulldogs.

These lads love the job and always try to ensure their customers are happy.

That was evident when the client they had that day came out and thanked them and shook Staver’s hand.

Then they got into the Isuzu, driven by Edwards, and headed off for another job.

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