ATA says wheel chocks not needed for DG trucks

The Australian Trucking Association (ATA) says wheel chocks should not be required for Australian dangerous goods vehicles due to current braking technology.

This was part of the ATA’s submission to the National Transport Commission’s (NTC) review of the Australian Dangerous Goods Code (the ADG Code).

The ATA’s submission backs up the NTC’s preliminary view that wheel chocks are not needed.

ATA senior policy officer Chris Wren says Australia’s robust braking design rules safeguard heavy vehicles against unintentional rolling while parked.

“In addition, there is a lack of evidence suggesting the need for wheel chocks, as incidents involving parking brake failures when vehicles are adequately maintained are rare,” Wren said.

“Based on comprehensive research and stakeholder engagement, the ATA, in alignment with its members, supports the NTC’s position that wheel chocks are unnecessary due to the effectiveness of current braking technology.”

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