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$25.6 million funding boost for Victoria’s ‘Black Spots’

Works to improve safety at 57 dangerous crash sites across Victoria will begin in 2023-24, with the Australian Government committing $25.6 million to address local black spots.

The long-running Black Spot Program funds safety measures such as traffic signals and roundabouts at locations where a number of serious crashes have occurred, or are at risk of occurring.

Black Spot Consultative Panels provide the opportunity for stakeholders to have a say in the project selection process, and ensure nominations of the highest priority and importance to local communities are recommended for approval.

The Victorian review panel includes representatives from the Municipal Association of Victoria, Royal Automobile Club of Victoria, Victorian Transport Association, Victorian Police Service, Road Safety Victoria, Traffic Management Association of Australia, and the Victorian Department of Transport and Planning.

“We are continuing to provide $110 million per year under the Black Spot Program to work with state, territory and local governments to improve road safety across Australia,” said Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Carol Brown.

Here’s where the money will be spent.

Project Name Proposed Treatment Australian Government Contribution Council
Orrvale Road
200 metres south of Doyles Road and Poplar Road
Replace cross intersection with a roundabout with splitter islands, linemarking, retro-reflective pavement markers and lighting. Install sections of roadside barrier and mountable concrete aprons. Upgrade delineations along the route $1,450,000 Greater Shepparton
Axe Creek Road
from Strathfieldsaye Road to Sutton Grange Road
Reduce speed to 80 km/h. Delineation upgrades, shoulders and bellmouth sealing at high-risk curves with safety barriers at culvert crossings. Install splitter islands at Strathfieldsaye Road and Sutton Grange Road $1,692,000 Greater Bendigo
Coalville Road and Pearces Track
Borrmans Road to McDonalds Track
Reduce speed to 80 km/h. Install splitter islands at Two Mile/Pearces and Pearces/McDonalds intersections. Improve delineation such as guidepost, curve warning sign and curve alignment markers and upgrade lighting at high-risk intersections $596,000 Latrobe City
Koonwarra-Inverloch Road
Koonwarra-Pound Creek Road
Install splitter islands and rumble strips on Pound Creek Road, improve linemarking and signage‍ and upgrade street lighting $655,200 South Gippsland
Erskine Falls Road
1.3 kilometres north of Cora Lynn Court
Reduce speed to 80 km/h. Install delineation upgrades, curve and advisory speed sign, speed limit signs and chevron alignment markers. Seal shoulders at high-risk bends $180,000 Surf Coast
Botanic Road
Queens Road
Upgrade existing roundabout with larger traffic islands, speed cushions, lane rationalisation, lighting upgrades and sharrows on approaches $206,000 Warrnambool
Russell Street
Russell Street to Houston Street
Install median turning lanes with central islands, reduce speed to 50 km/h, electronic 40 km/h speed signs for remote school crossing and improve lighting $316,000 Greater Bendigo
Purvis Road
Moe-Walhalla Road to North Road and Murray Road
Reduce the speed limit to 80 km/h, install safety barriers at high risk locations, and upgrade warning signs, guideposts and linemarking along the route $150,000 Latrobe City
Silvester Parade
McPherson Boulevard
Install raised safety platform at the intersection of Silvester Parade and McPherson Boulevard with upgrades to lighting $335,000 Hume (VIC)
Marshalltown Road
Bailey Street
Construct wombat crossings on each approach to the existing roundabout, reconstruct centre island and splitter islands, apply new asphalt surface, install associated signage, construct associated road drainage and upgrade street lighting $1,131,000 Greater Geelong
Tucks Road
Punty Lane to three kilometres southeast of Punty Lane
Install curve alignment markers and upgrade existing guideposts $92,000 Mornington Peninsula
Beach Road
Geelong Road to Kooringa Place
Install wombat crossing at Kooringa Place, median between Letham Lane and Eclipse Childcare, sharrow linemarking and 40 km/h speed limit signs $115,000 Surf Coast
Harvest Home Road
Redding Rise and Edenvale Boulevard
Adjust traffic signal phasing, from right-hand-turn drop-out phases to full controlled right-turn phases on Harvest Home Road (main road) legs only $54,000 Whittlesea
Blackgate Road
350 metres west of Horseshoe Bend Road to 900 metres west of Point Impossible Road and Minya Lane
Install safety barrier with improved pavement linemarking, including audio-tactile linemarking. Extend 80 km/h speed zone east of Horseshoe Bend Road intersection $331,000 Surf Coast
Nyora-St Helier Road
from 0.75 kilometres to 4.6 kilometres south of South Gippsland Highway
Improved delineation (advisory signage, guideposts, linemarking) and seal widening $593,250 Bass Coast
Tarneit Road
Bethany Road
Install raised safety platforms on through-lanes for Bethany Road approaches with modification of left-turn signal phasing to allow for pedestrian head-start $287,000 Wyndham
Twentieth Street
Deakin Avenue
Full intersection upgrade including Vehicle Activated Warning System, new signage including stop signs, splitter islands, kerb returns, intersection lighting, improved drainage and pavement reconstruction and widening $1,345,000 Mildura
Grand Boulevard
Hanson Road and Hamilton Hume Parade
Install raised safety platforms on the eastern and western approaches to the roundabout $186,000 Hume (VIC)
Hilton Street
Isla Avenue
Install wombat crossing on the south leg (Isla Avenue) of the intersection, combined with lighting upgrades and associated linemarking and signage works $184,000 Moreland
Hammond Road
Logis Boulevard and Rodeo Drive
Reprogram traffic signals to fully control right turns $117,000 Greater Dandenong
McDonalds Track
Kettles Road to Steeles Road
Upgrade delineation including guideposts and audio-tactile line marking, provide sealed shoulder south-east of Range Road and install flexible barrier on the outside of high-risk curves $264,000 Cardinia
Ovando Street
Belgrove Street
Install kerb outstand on the southeast corner of the intersection and relocation of the hold line, installation of raised safety platforms on Ovando Street with extension of parking bans and advanced warning signage $104,000 Darebin
Athol Road
Springvale Road to Corrigan Road
Install raised safety platforms $342,000 Greater Dandenong
View Road
Lightwood Road to Heatherton Road
Install raised safety platforms $282,000 Greater Dandenong
Valley Street
Haughton Road from Eva Street to Jason Street
Install flat top speed humps along route with modification of the median island west of Foran Grove $343,000 Monash
Perry Street
Ryan Avenue
Install splitter islands at Ryan Avenue on both approaches, sight line improvements for motorists exiting Ryan Avenue at Perry Street, and relocation of the hold line closer to Perry Street $201,000 Wangaratta
King Street
Hawke Street
Install fully controlled right turns with bonus left turns on King Street outside peak periods with filtering right turns during peaks. Install Give Way to Pedestrians signs and upgrade street lighting with Disability Discrimination Act improvements $762,000 Melbourne
Widford Street
Freda Street to Jacana Avenue
Construct flat-top road hump at the existing pedestrian-operated sign and on the north leg of the Jacana Avenue roundabout. Reduce existing speed limit from 60 km/h to 40 km/h $458,000 Hume (VIC)
Albion Street
De Carle Street
Install raised wombat crossing and speed cushion on the south and north leg of the intersection with lighting upgrades $212,000 Moreland
Henry Road
Village Way and Caversham Drive
Implement fully controlled right-turning movements with lanterns upgrades and an additional long queue loop for the eastern approach right-turn lane $83,000 Cardinia
Pigdon Street
Garton Street
Install Watch for Cyclists advance warning signs on both Pigdon Street approaches with sharrow linemarking within the roundabout $42,000 Yarra City
Sloane Street
Western Highway to Patrick Street
Speed reduction, construct two roundabouts at Shirreff Street and Cooper Street and install central median and kerb outstands with upgraded signage and pavement markings $1,986,600 Northern Grampians
Carson Street
Stevenson Street
Install speed cushions on approach to the roundabout with warning signage $34,000 Boroondara
Glen Huntly Road
Booran Road
Install Give Way to Pedestrians signs, primary signal heads on south and east approaches and update signal infrastructure to support new hardware $137,550 Glen Eira
Marretts Road
Strzelecki Highway to Frys Track
Reduce speed limit from 100 km/h to 80 km/h and install targeted safety barrier at high risk locations, with associated signage and lighting improvements $711,000 Latrobe City
Dandenong Road
Westall Road
Update lanterns including LED and mast arm upgrades on approaches to Dandenong Road $690,000 Monash
Charlotte Street and Meriton Place
Murdock Street
Install raised flat-top platform at Charlotte Street and Meriton Place intersection, with streetlighting upgrades, kerb outstands on Meriton Place and threshold treatments on Murdock Street, including painted splitter islands and lighting upgrades $384,000 Kingston
Gladesville Boulevard
McLeod Road
Construct asphalt speed cushions on McLeod Road and raised safety platforms on Gladesville Boulevard with associated signage $142,000 Kingston
Dunns Road
Mornington-Tyabb Road to Craigie Road
Install raised safety platforms along Dunns Road $338,000 Mornington Peninsula
St Killian Road
Plumbridge Street
Install splitter islands with additional regulatory signage on minor road approaches and street lighting upgrades $195,000 Greater Bendigo
Woodlee Street
David Street to Heatherton Road
Install raised safety platforms along Woodlee Street $204,000 Greater Dandenong
Edwards Road
Kathleen Terrace to Dile Road
Install safety barriers with motorcycle safety measures outside of high-risk curves and minor safety improvements at intersections and high-risk culverts. Upgrade delineation including chevron alignment markers and linemarking. Reduce speed to 80 km/h $1,079,000 Greater Bendigo
Bendigo City Centre High Pedestrian Activity Area
Williamson Street, Millison Street, McLaren Street and Mundy Street
Install raised priority crossings and traffic calming devices at all four intersections. Installation of traffic calming measures on midblock Mollison and McLaren Streets $324,000 Greater Bendigo
Arthurs Seat Road
White Hill Road to Shoreham Road
Install barrier with motorcycle protection and terminals, install curve alignment markers and upgrade retro reflective pavement markers, signage and guideposts $546,000 Mornington Peninsula
Benalla Street
from 35 metres north-east of Barkly Street to 50 metres south-west of Nunn Street
Relocate splitter islands and hold lines at the intersections of Benalla Street and Carrier Street, Smythe Street and Barkly Street. Relocate hold lines at the intersection of Benalla Street and Nunn Street $255,000 Benalla
Pigdon Street
Canning Street
Relocate existing raised safety platforms on the east and west approaches closer to the intersection. Construct Kerb outstands on the northwest and southeast quadrants of the intersection $173,000 Yarra City
Tambo Upper Road
Nethercotes Road to 700m east of Jennings Road
Install additional guardrail at high-risk locations with audio-tactile linemarking and improved delineation $280,096 East Gippsland
Minerva Road
Church Street to Herne Street
Install two wombat crossings with associated signage and lighting and widen footpath. Construct raised intersection and reconfigure the signals to provide dedicated turning lanes and fully controlled right turn $618,000 Greater Geelong
Brady Road
Gladstone Road to Dandenong Valley Highway
Install four raised safety platforms, two raised platform intersection and upgrade zebra crossing at shops to wombat zebra crossing $1,306,000 Greater Dandenong
The Esplanade
Beach Road to Zeally Bay Road
Reduce speed limit to 40 km/h, install wombat crossing on Beach Road at The Esplanade and traffic lane narrowing, reallocate road space to separation between traffic and cyclists and install green pavement at conflict points $180,000 Surf Coast
Liddiard Road
Shakespeare Street
Install speed cushions on approach and exit legs just in advance of the pedestrian footpath crossing point $367,000 Latrobe City
Wangaratta-Kilfeera Road
200 metres south and 200 metres north of Soldiers Lane
Install curve delineation such as signage, chevron alignment markers and guideposts, and provide shoulder sealing and widening (including bellmouth at Soldiers Road) and linemarking and Give Way signage at intersection $155,000 Wangaratta
Dana Street
Raglan Street South
Construct roundabout with splitter islands and install separated pedestrian/bicycle paths $615,000 Ballarat
Mill Road
from 50 metres north of Dalyston-Glen Forbes Road to 3,500 metres north of Dalyston Glen Forbes Road
Install shoulder sealing and widening, tactile edgelines and improved delineation such as advisory signage, guideposts and linemarking $422,100 Bass Coast
Fenton Street
from 50 metres south-east of Anderson Street to Holmes Road
Construct solid median, raised safety platforms/crossings, lane narrowing and movement bans. Construct footpath connections and priority crossings $344,000 Greater Bendigo
Fischer Street
Zeally Bay Road to Centreside Drive
Modify the roundabouts of Zeally Bay Road, Darian Road, Inshore Drive and Centreside Drive. Install midblock raised safety platforms at key locations $584,000 Surf Coast
Banyule Road
Plenty River Trail to Henty Road
Install safety barriers and sealed shoulders, improve delineation, install additional bicycle linemarking and upgrade warning signage $396,000 Banyule

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