Workshop inventory management made easy

Effective inventory management is crucial for truck and trailer workshops to ensure they have the necessary parts on hand for emergencies and after-hours breakdowns. However, for many workshop managers, handling inventory can be a significant headache as their expertise lies in fixing vehicles, not necessarily managing stock.

To address this challenge, Tranzmile, Australia’s leading family-owned truck and trailer parts supplier, partnered with Brisbane-based software developer Brightfox, to create a user-friendly inventory management software called Tranzmate, which among many features, is also ideal for workshop inventory management.

Kathy Smith of Brightfox said, “Tranzmate is perfect for dealers like Tranzmile, who have been using the software to take their customer service to the next level, but also ideal for mixed-use fleets like Santos, who for example, heavily use the Pre Start functionality.”

Tranzmate is a user-friendly inventory management software.

Tranzmate is offered to Tranzmile customers for free, providing customers the tool as a value-added service. Cameron Black, managing director of Tranzmile, emphasised their commitment to delivering the best customer service in the industry, and believes that providing customers with tools to enhance efficiency and save money is the right approach.

“We provide Tranzmate for free to our customers so they get all the power of this amazing software in their business just for being a customer of ours. We figure if we can give our customers the tools to help them make and save money, then we should,” he said.

“With Tranzmate, a workshop can build one or many inventory lists and set up the parts that they want to keep on hand. It’s super easy to do, and simple to manage. You can add your own bin locations, and even your own part numbers and descriptions. A stock check with Tranzmate takes only minutes, with super quick re-ordering of what is required.”

For workshop owners interested in optimising their operations, Tranzmile extends an invitation to explore how Tranzmate can save time and money by simplifying the parts supply process. 

“If you’re running a workshop, then we’d love to show you how we can save you time and money through a better and smarter way to supply you with parts,” added Black. “Better still, let us give you the Tranzmate software system – and the hassles of managing inventory will be a thing of the past. We take the complexity out of parts, so it runs as professionally as the rest of your business.”

With branches in Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Townsville and the Burnett, Tranzmile caters to customers across Australia, PNG, and Asia, making it a trusted and reliable partner for truck and trailer parts supply.

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