Safety advice for heavy vehicles using South Eastern Freeway

SA Infrastructure and Transport has released a safety reminder for heavy vehicles using the South Eastern Freeway.

The South Eastern Freeway, on the approach to Adelaide, ends in a 7km continuous steep downhill descent before arriving at a major intersection.

For trucks or buses using the South Eastern Freeway:

  • Engage low gear before the Crafers Interchange and remain in this gear until you reach the bottom of the South Eastern Freeway. You must drive in a gear that is low enough to drive your vehicle safely without solely relying on the primary brake;
  • Reduce speed to a maximum of 60 km/h, unless otherwise signed at a lower speed, from Crafers interchange to the bottom of the South Eastern Freeway
  • Stay in the left lane between Crafers and the Measdays Bridge and follow the signs;
  • Use a safety ramp in an emergency.

“If you are travelling on the South Eastern Freeway down-track too fast, or have any doubts about arriving safely at the major intersection at the end, always use a safety ramp,” SA Infrastructure and Transport said.

Safety ramps are positioned just before the Heysen Tunnels and just after the Mount Osmond Road turn off.

In 2021, the South Eastern Freeway, between Crafers interchange and Glen Osmond, carried an average of 48,000 vehicles per day, with approximately 5200 of these classed as heavy vehicles.

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