The best truck for the job for busy arborist business

With one truck serving this arborist business well for 16 years, the company has expanded the fleet with a second, bigger truck to keep up with demand.

South-east Queensland based Treesafe Environmental Services has been running for close to 20 years. They purchased the hardy medium-duty Isuzu FVR back in 2007, roughly a year after the business started. And it’s been a reliable workhorse ever since.

But as Treesafe grew and evolved, they needed a more powerful truck. After receiving so many years of service from their first Isuzu truck, they decided to purchase a bigger model from the same manufacturer.

“The FVR has really put in the hard yards, we still use it every day,” said director of Treesafe Environmental Services, Sam Docker.

“But depending on the size of the job, the team can be allocated between one to four jobs per day, so having the ability to load up with a bigger truck makes the day more efficient.”

Treesafe settled on a FXZ 240-350 6×4 due to its size and ability to haul a FWR tandem axle tag trailer.

Treesafe’s Isuzu FXZ 24-350 6×4 with the FWR tandem axle tag trailer in tow

The FXZ 240-350 is equipped with Isuzu’s 6UZ1-TCC engine with 257 kW (350PS) at 2000 rpm and 1422 Nm of torque at 1400 rpm.

This means the truck is more than capable of pulling loads of tree and plant matter and can handle the most arduous of towing jobs, which often includes Treesafe’s nine-tonne Morbark woodchipper.

Living surrounded by bush or forest can come with its own risks, not just in storm season but with termite impacted trees, branches extending into power lines, and roots finding their way into the plumbing.

Treesafe offers a reliable and safe arborist service for the everyday, and for emergency situations such as Queensland’s spring and summer storm seasons.

“We specialise in tree maintenance, tree removal and pruning, and our business approach is similar to a commercial set up, but our clients are the ‘mums and dads’ market, so doing arboriculture work on folk’s properties, keeping their homes safe,” Docker added.

“We also do medium-scale land clearing, and workplace health and safety compliance for trees and plants on school grounds.”

Months are booked out in advance for Treesafe and over the years, business has grown steadily thanks to their focus on safety, their customer service and reputation for honesty.

Docker explained, “The FXZ was bought to tow capital equipment for us; we even had the gearbox specifically recalibrated by the dealership.

“We specified the model with the bogey axle so we could tow our new eight-tonne excavator and also load a five-tonne excavator on it as well.”

Docker said the newest edition to Treesafe’s fleet is very fit for purpose, having travelled over 20,000 kilometres since being collected from Suttons Motors in August 2022, supporting the team for jobs six days a week.

“The team will be at the depot early in the morning, they’ll set the gear up and then they’ll drive to the first job site. The days are always packed with carrying out tree maintenance and arboriculture work.

“My drivers appreciate the addition of the FXZ truck and say the ride is very smooth considering the power behind it.

“We’re also pleased that to find it’s got good fuel consumption and overall, it’s a cost-effective truck to run.”

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