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New planner promises faster permits and easier routing for operators

The first 23 fully routable Platform Trailer pre-approved networks are now available in Victoria via the Next Generation Route Planner (NGRP), hosted by the NHVR using OpenStreetMap data.

This means industry in Victoria now have:

·      The ability to select multiple networks, based upon particulars of selected vehicles, and access an instant view of current access options, for their vehicle type without further permitting,

·      Any restrictions or conditions are visibly represented on the route, assisting operators with routing decisions,

·      A reduction in operator time to determine which networks are suitable and minimising the requirement to contact the NHVR Access team for further information, and

·      A reduction in operator time to prepare permits, if utilising the networked routes.

With the new data and network builder tools, the networks are kept up to date in real-time, utilising an in-built approval workflow.

“This is an exciting development and just one of the ways the NHVR is improving its digital capabilities to enable a productive and efficient heavy vehicle industry,” the regulator said in the latest issue of its industry newsletter, On the Road.

In April 2022, the NHVR released the planner, which provides more real time data updates, ensuring improved reliability, quality, and completeness of data for industry when planning journeys.

Since the release of NGRP, industry has been transitioning from using the legacy route planner as the routing engine for permit applications to using the NGRP.

From mid-July 2023, the legacy route planner was removed from the Portal, and all new and amended permit applications have been submitted using the NGRP.

Part of this transition included working with road managers to ensure the NGRP maps are as accurate as possible.

“Since the legacy route planner was removed, a new NHVR team has been proactively working through over 1400 renewal cases, where the road infrastructure or road ownership may have changed.

“This dedicated team provide open question and answer forums for operators, successfully minimising the impact to operators.”

To access the planner, click here.

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