Rolling towards a better future

In today’s fast-paced world, businesses play a crucial role in shaping the future of our planet, as it becomes increasingly essential for companies to embrace sustainable practices and technologies to minimise their environmental impact.

Goodyear Fleet is leading the charge towards a better future as a commercial tyre and service partner for fleets by being dedicated to deliver advanced energy efficiency, tyre longevity, convenience, and digital-based tech solutions.

Goodyear Fleet’s commitment to excellence and sustainability is exemplified by its constant search for innovative collaborations with industry-leading partners, such as Cement Australia.

Cement Australia is focused on delivering increasingly sustainable cement products to future generations. Their business understands the need to ensure a social license to operate, which is at the core of their sustainability strategy.

To help contribute towards the cement and concrete industry’s net zero concrete 2050 ambitions, Cement Australia has recently deployed its new Janus JE410 truck – a converted Kenworth T410 Glider, an electric heavy-duty truck innovation, which is believed to be the first fully manufactured electric Class 8 truck in Australia. 

The Goodyear tyres this new electric truck is fitted with – K Max S Gen II (steer), FuelMax D Gen II (drive), and LHT-R re-tread (trailer) – have been designed to be compatible with electric vehicles, offering several features that cater to the unique needs of EVs. 

The prime mover of Cement Australia’s Janus JE410 is rolling on K Max S Gen II tyres.

One of the most significant advantages of these Goodyear tyres is their high-load capacity, which ensures that the truck can carry heavy loads without compromising performance. In addition, the right tyres for electric trucks are of paramount importance for other reasons as well. 

Electric vehicles rely heavily on their tyres’ low rolling resistance to maximise their limited battery range, ensuring efficient energy utilisation. By reducing rolling resistance, these tyres help Cement Australia’s Janus JE410 travel longer distances on a single charge, making it a more practical and viable option for transporting cementitious materials.

Another notable benefit of these electric vehicle-compatible tyres is their improved internal and external noise reduction. Electric vehicles are renowned for their quieter operation compared to traditional vehicles. However, road noise from tyres can still be a factor. With Goodyear K Max S Gen II, FuelMax D Gen II, and LHT-R retread tyres, Cement Australia can ensure a more pleasant experience for both drivers and the communities they pass through.

The key partnership between Goodyear Fleet and Cement Australia drives positive change and helps build a better future for all of us.

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