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Caravanners’ advocate reprimands drivers for disrespecting truckies


A leading online caravanners’ advocate has taken to his popular social media page to remind motorists to show truckies more respect at designated rest areas.

Writing on his popular Truck Friendly – caravan road safety program Facebook page, administrator Ken Wilson was reacting to a picture that truckie David Oxley first shared with the On the Pads Queensland Facebook group. Oxley also agreed to share the picture with Big Rigs.

In the shot, taken at bp Caboolture northbound on August 13, all the B-double slots on site are taken up by caravans.

“Couldn’t even get a park,” Oxley writes. “No wonder caravans are not popular with truckies – especially when it comes to us doing things right by the book to avoid fines.”

Oxley said he sent the same picture in an email to bp but has not heard back.

Wilson, meanwhile, told his 23,000 Facebook followers that if caravanners want respect, and to be treated with respect by other road users, they need to earn it.

He says the photo clearly shows the lack of “courtesy, respect and consideration” that some caravanners and motorhome drivers have for other road users.

“The selfish and inconsiderate behaviour of the drivers in the photo is unfortunately a very common problem,” Wilson said.

“With September school holidays only a few weeks away, please stay out of truck parking bays. Do not park in truck turning circles, as they need space to turn, so we can all hopefully have a good day and take a break from driving.”

Wilson also told his followers not to be surprised if someone leaves a note on their windscreen if they parked their caravan or motorhome in a bay designated for trucks.

“Don’t be surprised if a truck parks in front of you blocking you in. They may not legally be allowed to drive it for several hours, so may not be able to move the truck once parked so you can be stuck there for some time.

“Do not be surprised if someone yells out in the roadhouse restaurant or over the PA asking the caravanners to move their vans and embarrassing you. You are in the wrong.

“Don’t be surprised if a frustrated truck driver posts a photo of your rig on social media for all to see your lack of consideration for others. These are all suggestions and actions taken from the comments to the article in ‘On The Pads’.

“We all agree there are not enough parking and rest areas, and the governments and corporations need to do more, however it does not excuse bad behaviour.”

Oxley, who travels between Brisbane and Cairns on a weekly basis, told Big Rigs that the problem is by no means limited to bp Caboolture.

He also sent us this picture below of his battle to find a spot at the Caltex (formerly Puma) at Traveston this weekend.

Oxley also battled to find a slot for his truck, above left, among the caravans and cars at Traveston on August 20.

“There was a separate area for caravans at both bp Caboolture and the Caltex Traveston that was half-empty,” Oxley added.

“I just think it comes down to pure laziness and incompetence.”

Some followers of Truck Friendly – caravan road safety program pointed out that there needs to be more respect shown by all of those sharing the road.

“Parking is not behaving badly,” Erika Vorlicek also tells Big Rigs.

“It is also necessary for caravan drivers to do so to take a legally required break. So where exactly are the alloted caravan parks? Also as the daughter of a long list of truck interstate truck drivers, don’t get me started on truck drivers behaving badly stories ! FGS ! It’s posts like this that create anymosity between road users. Shame on you.”

Big Rigs has approached bp and Caltex for comment.


  1. Had the same parking issues with cars in the limited bus parks at Wallan Macca’s northbound. Some of these folk will be aggressive when asked to move too.

  2. Parking is not behaving badly. It is also necessary for caravan drivers to do so to take a legally required break. So where exactly are the alloted caravan parks. Also as the daughter of a long list of truck interstate truck drivers, dont get me started on truck drivers behaving badly stories ! FGS ! It’s posts like this that create anymosity between road users. Shame on you.

    1. Fatigue management we truck drivers are govern by national heavy vehicle transport laws, We are still working we are on a mandatory rest break,where you can caravaners are on holidays take a spot elsewhere, not so hard.
      We heavy vehicle operators must take these mandatory safety precautions to protect all
      I state 1 thing not all truck drivers nor caravaners are bad, the few out give each other bad driving and parking skills
      Eg: see a truck let him/her pass with safety they are working your not

    2. Since when do people towing a caravan need to legally take a break that’s horse shit they can pull up at any time and have a rest, we can’t. They park where it’s easy because most of them are incompetent to reverse, and I would happily park them in for my 7 hr break

    3. No, but the entitled attitude about the parking is behaving badly. Iv yet to see caravans all wheeled in at weighbridges, or at any of the 100’s of pads where the authorities conduct their compliance. Then theres the point to point cameras…….should i continue? So no, caravans DO NOT fall under, or anywhere near the same laws as truck drivers when it comes to MANDATORY rest breaks. Just for the hell of it, why dont you research what the fine is both points & $ for failing to comply with driving/rest hours by 10 minutes. In other words, getting pulled up 10 minutes over allowed driving time, because the driver couldnt stop anywhere due to caravans taking up all of the allocated TRUCK parking bays.
      Attitude plays a big part in this……..& a slight adjustment on your part would be a great start.

  3. Truck drivers never do the wrong thing… Do they?

    I was driving down the Bruce a couple of weeks ago, speed set on 100kph with GPS. A truck caught up with me, obvious would not have exceeded the posted speed limit? Sat around 5m off my tail attempting to bully me to go faster.

    Next overtaking I stayed in the left land and he attempted to exceed the speed limit to overtake. The hill was too steep and he failed that. Now Ge got even nastier driving as close as he could.

    Yeah right! Truck drivers NEVER do the wrong thing and are all nice, considerate gentlemen.

    I know this guy is not representative of the majority. Neither are the targeted caravanners.

    1. GPS is 3kmh slower then what you’re Speedo is reading, ever tried just lifting your foot for 1 second? That’s enough to let him by

    2. This is sad we share the road guys not own it ….I feel for these guys girls they are working let them pass they are time restrained your on holidays take your foot off when they pass it’s that easy….if you see a truck coming up behind you then he is travelling faster then you move over the first chance you get get a two way even hand held do the trick call them up tell them you will move over as soon as you can most of you only travel at 85 for some reason the highway speed is a 100 so why should we be held up because your on holidays the bloody highway is the pits so please help one another to make it safer for all……Ps I’m a Toyota Coaster and I have trouble passing caravans to.

  4. I am a caravanner and a retired truck driver. By and large we all do the right thing. One photo at a full up truck stop doesn’t mean there is a significant problem. Nor does one incident of tail gateing reported by a caravanner.
    I am sick and tired of this them and us BS.
    The friction arises because we have differing agendas. The truckie has a schedule while the caravanner is as free as a bird.
    Get on the CB to assist each other on the road. This rarely happens because of the animosity between groups.
    And both parties need to focus their anger towards governments for more road side stops and passing lanes.
    I’m well over it. Get over it.

  5. A bit of courtesy wouldn’t go astray – on both sides. He/she was in a hurry, perhaps to meet a boss’s deadline, perhaps to meet his/her Maker sooner. Would it have delayed you too much to back of a few kph & let him/her pass?
    I have a UHF CB in my car. When travelling in convoy, it’s on the club channel & if I’m tail-end-Charley I keep a lookout behind me but when on the open road & alone, it’s always on channel 40.

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