Victorian transport operator takes a step back to embark on new chapter

Having started out as an owner-operator, Paul Jacobs has built a successful career in transport that spans over four decades – but now, he says, the time is right to turn the page.

Jacobs’ path into the transport industry began after leaving school at the age of 15. Initially he was loading and unloading trucks in Sydney, before eventually getting behind the wheel.

With a family history in trucking, Jacobs followed the same path.

In 1999, Jacobs traded in his 1993 LTS Ford for his first Kenworth, embarking on a journey that cantered around the transport of fertilisers and grains. That laid the foundations for Jacobs Bulk Haulage, which he started based in Benalla, Victoria, in 2000.

Over the years he expanded his fleet, acquiring one prime mover annually for a decade, ultimately culminating in a fleet of 10 prime movers.

He took great pride in its fleet, purchasing brand-new trucks and trailers, all meticulously maintained under a rigorous schedule.

But now he’s made the decision to scale back to just one truck, while the rest go to auction with Ritchie Bros.

That decision was driven by a desire to step back from the demands of running a business and to embrace a semi-retirement lifestyle, focusing on local jobs.

His fleet of trucks and trailers will be acutioned at the upcoming Australian National Unreserved Auction, scheduled for August 23-24.

The dispersal for the auction includes:

  • 2016 Kenworth T409 6×4 sleeper prime mover
  • 2018 Kenworth K200 Aerodyne 6×4 sleeper prime mover
  • 2021 Kenworth K200 6×4 Ssleeper prime mover
  • Custom built bogie/A road train dolly
  • 2010 Barker 13.7 m tri/A moving floor trailer
  • 2010 Barker 7.5 m tri/A B-double lead moving floor trailer
  • 2020 Barker 13.1 m tri/A moving floor trailer
  • 2020 Barker 7 m tri/A B-double lead moving floor trailer
  • 2020 Barker 7 m tri/A B-double lead moving floor trailer
  • 2009 Barker 7 m tri/A B-double lead moving floor trailer

As Jacobs Bulk Haulage embarks on this new phase, Jacobs extended his appreciation to the loyal customers, dedicated drivers, and devoted employees who have contributed to the company’s enduring success. He says he’s now eager to explore new horizons and spend quality time with family.

The online auction event opened for bidding on August 19, with the auction spanning two days. August 23 will focus on construction and crushing gear, while August 24 will showcase transportation and agriculture assets.

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