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Driving from north to south along Queensland’s inland roads

Each week driver Phillip Daniels does the run between Cairns and Brisbane. He was driving a Western Star for J&V Transport when Big Rigs saw him parked at a pull off area beside the Flinders Highway near Woodstock.

“I am taking timber blocks to Brisbane,” he said.

Aged 45, Daniels has been a truckie for six years and with this company for a year.

“I am heading down to Brisbane along the inland roads as there are too many roadworks along the Bruce Highway,” he said.

His favourite roadhouse is the BP Mackay and he loves tucking into a chicken parmigiana meal.

“I really like spending time with my family when off work,” he said.

Not really a sports fan, I asked Daniels the reason why.

“I used to love rugby league when it was an old school sport back a few decades,” he said.

Daniels like many other drivers reckons more rest areas are needed with facilities for truckies.

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