JW Speaker lights the way

When it comes to driving at night, especially in challenging conditions, having reliable and high-performance headlights is of paramount importance. Enter the JW Speaker EVO 3 and EVO 2 Pro LED headlights which are designed to transform your driving experience like never before. Packed with cutting-edge features and built with uncompromising quality, these headlights set a new standard for excellence in truck lighting.

These LED headlights both feature JW Speakers Dual Burn Technology. When the high beams are activated, the Dual Burn technology kicks in, supplementing the standard high beam pattern with additional LED elements. These added LEDs provide a powerful and focused centre hotspot, effectively extending the range of the high beam. This results in significantly improved long-range visibility, making it easier to see obstacles, signs and potential hazards ahead.

“The beauty of the Dual Burn technology lies in its seamless transition between low and high beam modes. When the driver switches from low to high beams, there is no need to toggle between separate bulbs or light sources. The transition is smooth and automatic, providing enhanced visibility without dazzling oncoming traffic. This makes the driving experience safer and more convenient, as drivers can enjoy improved visibility without constantly switching between different headlight settings” said Wayne Blackman, managing director of Invision Sales.

The EVO 3 stands as the pinnacle of truck lighting technology, boasting an impressive array of features that set it apart from the competition. As the most powerful headlight in the JW Speaker EVO series, it leaves no room for compromise when it comes to illumination. This versatile LED headlight insert combines low and high beam functionalities, providing drivers with unmatched visibility in any driving situation. 

Additionally, the EVO 3 is equipped with front position lights, ensuring that your vehicle remains visible to others on the road at all times. The inclusion of daytime running lights further enhances safety, making your presence known during daylight hours. Also included with the EVO 3 is integrated turn signals, streamlining your truck’s lighting system for a sleek and functional look. With the JW Speaker EVO 3, you can experience the ultimate in performance, reliability, and convenience for an unparalleled driving experience.

JW Speaker has been a leading force in the transport and automotive lighting industry, producing innovative and high-quality lighting solutions that have set the benchmark for excellence. JW Speaker’s commitment to engineering prowess and customer satisfaction continues to shine through in every product they create.

For further information about JW Speaker EVO 3 and EVO 2 Pro LED headlights and the full range of LED lighting solutions, visit invisionsales.com or contact Invision Sales on 03 9336 2066.

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