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15,500km trip across the country

UD’s 15,500km, 27-day Lap of the Map tour saw the brand’s Quon CW 25 360 travel the length and breadth of Australia – from the major highways to the rugged outback.

With Volvo Group Australia’s Matt Wood, behind the wheel, the trip was inspired by UD Trucks founder Kenzo Adachi’s legendary 1939 test drive where he embarked on a 3000-kilometre journey to prove the ultimate dependability of his new vehicle.

The Quon travelled at a gross weight of over 22,000kg and averaged 2.9km/l. “So it turns out that the Quon was very fuel efficient,” said Wood. “Unlike the truck which had a thrifty appetite, I ended up succumbing to the temptations of road food resulting in a higher-than-average steer axle weight by the end of trip!”

Matt Wood was at the wheel of the UD Quon CW 25 360 for the 15,500km lap.

The trip took place nine months ago, and with UD Truck’s currently celebrating its 50th year here on Australia soil, Wood looked back on how the vehicle stacked up.

He said that although a 6×4 rigid isn’t the sort of vehicle that would usually spring to mind when it comes to long distance transport, the Quon stacked up well. “This truck proved that long hours in the saddle don’t have to mean a sore back or aching limbs,” Wood said.

“This truck never ceased to amaze. Even on some of the worst outback roads I encountered, from broken tarmac to corrugated dirt, the trusty Quon delivered a sure footed and comfortable ride.”

Along with putting the Quon to the ultimate test, the trip was also an opportunity to meet long-standing customers who have built their businesses on UD Trucks and become a part of the UD family over the years.

“It was a great opportunity to meet the faces of UD, customers and dealers off the beaten track that built the brand here in Australia and made it what it is today.”

Matt Wood visited customers, dealers and partners that have supported the UD brand over the years.

From broken outback highways and rutted dirt tracks to the CBDs of major capital cities the 6×4 Quon stood up to numerous challenges.

Far from being just an around town PUD vehicle, the 6×4 UD proved itself as a capable cross-continental hauler.

The lap saw stopovers at some of Australia’s most iconic landmarks along the way.

Lauren Pulitano, outgoing vice president UD Trucks Australia, added, “We see the UD Quon delivering safety, reliability, comfort and efficiency for our customers day and day out.

“However, taking our truck into the wilderness to visit some of the people that helped build our business over the last five decades allowed us to take the road less travelled and tell their genuine stories.

“Stories of hard work, dedication, and trust. Stories that have made the Australian transport industry and UD Trucks what they are today.”

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