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The right truck for the job

Driving an Isuzu 8.7 tonne tipper, young driver Kayle Wright, 30, is a common sight around Townsville.

He runs KMW Concreters and Big Rigs saw him pull up outside and come into the Coffee at Tiffany’s Café in Townsville, so we had a yarn.

“We do most of the work around here and have lots on at Alligator Creek just south now, but do get as far away as Mount Isa which is almost 1000km from here. This Isuzu is a trusty truck which handles the job well,” he said.

The Isuzu carries concrete, tools and a variety of other things.

Wright has had the Isuzu for two years and it has 50,000km on the clock.

“Before this I had another Isuzu which was 6.5 tonnes,” he said.

Outside work, Wright enjoys restoring old houses. 

A Brisbane Broncos supporter in the NRL, Wright likes stopping at the Yabulu Roadhouse north of Townsville.

“It is very good there and when in town I like this café where I am a regular,” he said.

His father Kevin Wright is a well-known and popular fellow in the region. 

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