What is the Min Min light?

A piece in a recent Spy column about an alleged sighting of a black panther sparked a huge response and some of those who contacted Spy also mentioned the elusive and mysterious Min Min Light.

So what is a Min Min, does it really exist and how many people have seen it?

Over the years Spy has spoken to many truckies who claim to have seen a Min Min whilst travelling remote roads at night.

Others have provided what they say are feasible explanations for what it is.

The Min Min has remained one of Australia’s true mysteries for more than 100 years and opinion is divided about what it actually is.

Hundreds of creditable people have reported seeing the phenomenon along the 376km stretch of road between Winton and Boulia in the Queensland outback.

Visitors from all over travel to Boulia in the hope of seeing the Min Min light which was first sighted by Cobb and Co coach passengers in the late 1800s.

It is described as being an orange glow, which moves around at great speed over flat country. It can jump up and down, and seems to move away as one approaches it.

In the main street of Boulia is a large sign advising visitors of the Min Min being a genuine mystery.

Many truck drivers travel along the Winton to Boulia Road, where the only stop for refreshments in between is the Middleton Hotel, which is about halfway.

Numerous truck drivers have stopped there over the decades claiming to have seen the light.

The Min Min Encounter Centre in the main street of Boulia has a record of many alleged sightings and included is a pic taken during 2003 in the town, which appears to be an unexplained light.

It was snapped by a Western Australian lady staying at the caravan park in the main street of Boulia and the shot is of the street outside.

The picture reported to be the Min Min Light.

One of the pictures taken amazingly shows a large unexplained light on the side of the road.

Well-known and famous outback businessman and ex truckie, the late Cliff Donohoe, used to travel between Townsville and Boulia, and wrote a book about the Min Min.

Donohoe claimed it was real but couldn’t say exactly what it was.

A Brisbane scientist claimed that that the Min Min Light is a cold layer of air, which reflects light.

A highly respected woman who was raised in Boulia said that she was born at the Min Min Hotel, which is 108km from there.

She said her father’s grandmother was named Granny Lilly and used to walk around the hotel area each night, carrying a kerosene fuelled hurricane lamp, before going to bed.

Sadly she died and it is claimed her spirit was seen with the lamp, hence the origins of the Min Min.

If you doubted some of those I have spoken to who claim to have seen the Min Min light you might well receive a “knuckle sandwich” on the jaw.

Of course there have been opinions which include that it is light from a UFO and the odd humorous one.

The late Larry Dulhunty, who travelled the outback for more than 50 years before he died in 2007, had never seen it but had spoken to many who had.

“They reckon a chemical such as phosphorus on the bum of a roo or emu is the cause,” he said.

So if you are a truckie and have seen the Min Min or have your own opinion about exactly what it is, we want to hear from you. Any pictures are welcomed.

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