Police record 130 traffic offences in heavy vehicle blitz

During a heavy vehicle blitz in Melbourne this week, Fawkner Highway Patrol and local police intercepted more than 315 vehicles, and reported 130 offences.

According to Victoria Police, the two-day operation targeted heavy vehicle safety and compliance on freeways and major arterials.

Police conducted vehicle checks and drug and alcohol testing at static sites and used automatic numberplate recognition technology to scan over 34,000 vehicles while roaming the area.

From the blitz, police detected:

  • 6 drug drivers
  • 21 speeding offences
  • 20 unroadworthy vehicles
  • 7 mobile phone offences
  • 16 unregistered vehicles

Police also issued a series of infringement notices to truck drivers who had unsecured loads.

“This included a truck driver who on Tuesday was found to be driving without a seatbelt on. The next day he was randomly intercepted by police and was found to be driving without having properly secured his load. He also allegedly tested positive for cannabis,” Victoria Police said.

The blitz follows 213 heavy vehicle collisions in the Fawkner area over the last year, with main arterial roads recording the highest number of collisions.

“The main issues Fawkner Highway Patrol have seen with heavy vehicles over the last year include industry compliance and speeding. There were 15 heavy vehicle drug drivers detected over the last year,” explained Victoria Police.

“Operation Broom” took place in the northern suburbs on August 22-23.

It focused on areas with high volume of heavy vehicle traffic, including Bulla Road, Calder Freeway, Hume Highway, Mickleham Road, Pascoe Vale Road, Somerton Road and Tullamarine Freeway.

Fawkner Highway Patrol is set to continue running more targeted operations.

“Trucking companies and their drivers are responsible for ensuring compliance with National Heavy Vehicle Law – these standards are in place to ensure the safety of everyone on our roads,” said Fawkner Highway Patrol Senior Sergeant Megan Cartledge.

“A heavy vehicle with safety issues creates an enormous risk to both the driver of that vehicle and other road users.

“While the majority do the right thing, we’re imploring drivers to check their vehicle is safe and loads are secure before taking to the roads. This simple action could save a life.”

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