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Still delivering, still dependable

Powauto has always been the first name in PTOs (power take offs) throughout Australia. Now, rebranded as Hydreco Hydraulics, this is set to continue following the introduction of the new 18 speed Endurant XD Pro AMT (automated transmission) by Eaton Cummins Automated Transmission Technologies.

Hydreco has been quick to develop new PTOs for this transmission, working with Kenworth to ensure fit and performance is up to the standards demanded by these international companies and the Australian market.

The first truck in Australia to receive the new transmission is the Kenworth K220 and Hydreco was ready with the PA850BK series PTO. This power take-off utilises the existing architecture of our familiar PA850/851 range but fitted with a new idler cluster gear. Operators will benefit from the knowledge that the PTO is a “known quantity” that will serve them well into the future. For the installer, the PTO mounts to the familiar SAE 8-bolt bottom opening via a (unique to Hydreco) rubberised metal gasket that reduces installation times. Showing overall for the K220 PTO application, that evolution was better than revolution.

The new PA8700 series PTO was released in August 2023.

The Kenworth T410 and T610 models recently received the upgrade to the new PACCAR TX-18 and Endurant XD Pro transmissions respectively, and this introduced a new raft of challenges to PTO designers. Foremost of which is the location of the engine exhaust in relation to the PTO opening; meaning that the PA850BK could not be used on these models. 

Now it was time for a revolution. Collaborating with Eaton and Kenworth engineers, Hydreco came up with a novel design for the PTO housing to clear the Kenworth exhaust system, which was validated via rapid prototyping technology. Thus, the new PA8700 series PTO was released in August 2023, ready for distribution to the dealer network.

A great addition to your hard-working prime mover would be the new TKC oil tank cooler. The new environmentally friendly oil cooler tanks are an aluminium oil tank and cooler assembly designed for use on vehicles where the hydraulic system is required to work for long periods of time under high pressure, which can cause significant oil heating. Consistent unloading times can be achieved, due to the hydraulic efficiency not deteriorating as would normally occur as the hydraulic oil heats up.

Typical applications that would benefit from the TKC unit are Walking Floor, live bottoms, tankers, water carts and asphalt trucks. 

The tank is made from marine grade aluminium to provide superior corrosion resistance in harsh environments and added durability in high vibration conditions. The tank is available in two sizes, 20 and 40L, that use a small footprint requiring less space for mounting. This provides up to 200kg weight saving over a standard bulk oil tank system. It eliminates the need in some trucks to “split” a fuel tank, preserving the truck’s fuel capacity. The smaller oil capacity is a bonus in the event of a hose failure due to there being less oil to clean up – the vehicle can carry enough spill absorption for the full oil charge and a hose repairer would usually carry enough oil to refill the system.

Powauto to Hydreco; still delivering, still dependable.

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