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Stop banging heads and get your heads together

“Keep it up and I’ll bang your heads together”.

A common phrase the older people in the industry would have heard their parents say to them when nitpicking with their siblings.

We Bored Neurotic Housewives are still known to turn that phrase, especially when reading posts and comments, repetitive ones at that, hashing over the same shyte.

The decision-makers, whether they be pollies, federal or state, associations, etc., can, and will continue to do what they want to increase, or at least ensure their bottom line with no care given to the drivers of the industry.

They are also very careful to ensure that aesthetically they have crossed their T’s and dotted their I’s to meet their legal obligations.

For all the apparent consultations and protestations, nothing really changes.

The same squabbles over the RSRT and everyone’s interpretation of it, the HVNL, Senator Sterle’s points from his recent senate enquiry, load rates, cents per kilometre, hourly rates, B-double rates, A-triple rates, truck parking bays, and unnecessary “Raj” comments.

This has been going on for years and hell if the bored neurotic housewives got alimony from every white knight that postures themselves as trying to save the industry, we’d be bloody rich.

Tall poppy syndrome is alive and well in this industry that’s for sure, but the sure bet is the drivers will NEVER band together and NEVER fight back united. Cha-ching for the powers that have you cornered.

The only time drivers stood together was Razorback. What happened there? Although now revered, at the time people hated the five protagonists, but they still stopped, drivers still stopped, and the government brought in the army and changed laws so you can’t stop anymore.

Roadblocks may now be illegal, but it’s not the only way to achieve the same result – staying at home comes to mind.

So, what does that tell the drivers about just whose balls should, or could be, in their collective hands?  Maybe it’s time to take your hand off your own set and grab those that currently have your’s and turn the tide.

After reading recent posts on a drivers’ Facebook page, it’s the same reoccurring thread over and over and over: same news, same insults, same small group of people.

We try to teach our kids to keep it real and respectful. Maybe it’s time for drivers to practice what they preach – actions speak louder than words, respect others’ opinions, stand up for yourself, don’t take no for an answer, and any other cliché you can think of.

So do you get your heads banged together, or simply put your heads together to finally resolve these long-standing complaints?

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  1. yep many are happy to whinge but wont get off their arse and do somthing about it.
    trade unions have thier place and can get change for the better if everyone puts thier hand up and say we dont like whats happening. when people dont work together nothing changes.

    dad had that issue when he worked for a division of a certain major transport company he believed he wasnt being paid according the eba agreement others in the same depot thought the same and they would whinge amongst themselves but when dad spoke to the union rep would the others join him and say “its happening to us too” no cant do that might get penalised by management (that would be illegal, making a complaint to the union or authorities is protected under employment law)
    the union rep did try but he was given lip service by management.

    would anyone make a complaint to the fairwork ombudsmen? nope. so what changed nothing. many dont realise the ombudsmen has enforcement powers their directives can be binding they are their to help advise employees and employers as to their rights and responsibilities under employment law and step in to settle disputes hopefully with out court proceedings.

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