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Where roads are narrow, and mountains steep

In the land of the long white cloud, the roads are narrow and the mountains are steep. Like driving trucks in Australia, truck driving in New Zealand is hard work, and the cost of diesel and tyres can often exceed Australian prices.

New Zealanders pay almost twice as much in tax on fuel compared to Australia, there is less demand with a smaller population, and the exchange rate also plays a part. 

To these factors, we add narrower roads – more winding and steeper than you might expect – and few motorways. So, the New
Zealand truck drivers are very open-minded to innovative ways to save costs.

Australian innovation: thousands of trucks and buses

Atlas Balance Rings are a highly successful truck and bus wheel balancing system. This unique method of balancing has proven itself to be the best type of balancer ever helping reduce wastage of resources, with many operators saving up to 50 per cent on tyre life, and contributing to a cleaner, greener planet. 

Atlas Balance Rings Euro and Asian steer rings.

The company is Australian made and Australian owned, with close to 10,000 rigs fitted here.  New Zealand distributor, Aaron Eagle, has fitted out over 200 rigs in less than a year. The drivers immediately experience a better drive and freer coasting out of the throttle, so naturally less fuel is needed and there’s less wear on tyres; in fact there is less wear and tear on all parts, including the driver! 

Here’s Aaron’s story: “I’m Aaron and I operate a Scania truck and trailer on tip work around Auckland. In June 2022 I airfreighted a set of Atlas Balance Rings in from Aussie. Taking Simon McQuillan’s advice, I fitted my steers only for the first week. After one day I wanted to fit the drives, but I held off. The driveability of my truck changed dramatically in a positive way, left to right correcting disappeared, any tyre roll on certain corners disappeared,” he explained. 

“Once I fitted the drive rings the whole truck rolled down the road so much freer (coasting) out of the throttle. You went so much further before having to put your foot down. I was on a set run for seven months, four months prior to the rings being fitted. In the later three months, I averaged a 3.5 per cent fuel saving (with the full truck on Atlas Balance Rings, not trailer). This blew me away so much (and I haven’t got onto the tyre wear yet) that I took on the New Zealand distributorship for Atlas Balance Rings. Today, we have 200 trucks running around the country with Atlas Balance Rings on and growing daily.”

Fitting Atlas Balance Rings is a simple and easy exercise, with a low entry cost from $605 for a pair of steer balance rings. A small investment to save many thousands on tyres and diesel. 

For more information, visit or call 1300 228 527.

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