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Driving the future of transportation

Alcoa Wheels has a rich history of innovation in the transportation industry, with their ground-breaking invention of the forged aluminium wheel in 1948. 

Their commitment to advancement remains steadfast, positioning them at the forefront of the industry. 

Today’s rapidly changing landscape, characterised by the introduction of electric vehicles (EVs), fuel cell vehicles, and decarbonisation initiatives, has significantly impacted fleet operations. 

Additionally, fuel emissions regulations, greenhouse gas emissions standards, and the need for sustainable city transportation have further influenced the industry. 

Australia’s recent adoption of the new Australian Design Rule 80/04, mandating Euro VI standards for heavy vehicle models, marks a significant step towards reducing emissions. 

This rule will result in a substantial reduction of up to 80 per cent in oxides of nitrogen emissions and up to 66 per cent in particulate emissions. 

Improved laboratory and on-road emissions tests have been implemented to ensure real-world compliance. 

As a result, vehicles have become increasingly heavier due to the technologies required to meet climate change-driven standards. 

Role of Alcoa Wheels in electrification

Alcoa Wheels plays a crucial role in the electrification of vehicles through their focus on lightweight solutions. 

Alcoa Wheels plays a crucial role in the electrification of vehicles through a focus on lightweight solutions.

By providing lighter wheels, Alcoa recognises the importance of offsetting the added weight of batteries in electric vehicles and the additional mass and space required in Euro VI trucks by the additional emission systems considering Euro VI trucks are heavier than equivalent Euro V trucks, which may reduce the freight they can legally carry. 

Lighter wheels also extend battery life and improve the overall range of electric vehicles. 

Alcoa Wheels remains dedicated to evolving its innovations to meet the changing demands of
the industry. 

Alcoa Wheels remains committed to greater productivity through increased payload, improved fuel efficiency and enhanced sustainability. 

Introduction of the ULT36x wheel 

Alcoa Wheels launched the new ULT36x wheel, upholding its position on having the world’s lightest truck wheel portfolio. 

Alcoa’s ground-breaking ULT36x 22.5” x 8.25” wheel is 1.6kg lighter than its predecessor, weighing just 16kg. 

It is equipped with proprietary MagnaForce alloy, which is 17 per cent stronger than the industry standard alloy. 

The new Alcoa ULT36x wheel also features vHubTM Bore Technology, which reduces hub-to-wheel contact area by up to 64 per cent versus other aluminium wheels on the market, leaving less surface area for corrosion to form. 

Driving towards a greener and innovative tomorrow

Alcoa Wheels’ tireless pursuit of innovation and sustainability is shaping the future of electrification in the transportation industry. With a focus on lightweight wheels, they aim to support the adoption of electric vehicles, reduce emissions, and enhance fleet efficiency. As the industry evolves, Alcoa Wheels will continue to lead the way, driving towards a greener and more innovative tomorrow. 

For more information about the world’s lightest, strong heavy-duty truck wheels, contact: the Howmet Wheel system at 1800 955 191; email; visit; and follow Alcoa on Facebook.

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