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A ‘real’ truck and an awesome boss: truckie counts his blessings

After almost 20 years in Tasmania, we recently made a short return road trip to South Australia and Victoria. 

This entailed crossing from Devonport to the new purpose-built facilities at Geelong, aboard the Spirit of Tasmania. For those travelling to south or western Australia, Geelong is convenient, elsewhere not so much.

On our travels, we stopped over at Keith, the familiar bp servo now having become Shell, which is still a top spot and offers good friendly service. Here we caught up with Jason Mullenger from Kyneton.

He pulled in for lunch driving Bruton’s eye-catching 1995 T650 with a Gen 2 600 Cummins up front on his way from Murray Bridge to Stawell to pick up a load of sheep skins. 

He told us he has been on the road for approximately 30 years now, and he reckons it’s still a good job as he is fortunate to have an awesome boss who is strong on maintenance and easy to work for. 

“Well, I reckon things have deteriorated a lot in the last 20 years, it was certainly a lot better in the ‘old days’, but just now I am not complaining, mainly because I still have a real truck!”

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