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Finalists revealed for LRTAQ Young Person in Transport Award

The Livestock and Rural Transporters Association of Queensland (LRTAQ) has announced seven finalists for its 2023 Young Person in Transport Award, with the winner to be revealed later this month.

The award is designed to recognise and acknowledge the contribution younger transport workers, aged 35 and under, are making to the industry; with employers and associates encouraged to nominate outstanding individuals for this award to recognise excellence in their workplace.

It is open to all roles within the livestock and rural transport including drivers, mechanics, schedulers, administration officers, shed hands, managers, etc.

The Young Person in Transport Award will be presented at the 2023 Bull Carter’s Ball on Friday September 29, 2023, as part of the LRTAQ 2023 Annual Conference in Townsville.

The 2023 nominees are:

Josh Ahern, Martins Stock Haulage

Starting at Martins as a young and enthusiastic employee with a passion for driving trucks, Ahern continues to hold that same passion today. He is a livestock transport operator who shows a great deal of pride in his truck and the equipment, and is described as a real team player who will always lend a hand to his work mates.

Martins Stock Haulage general manager Adam Ross has received many compliments about Ahern from numerous longstanding customers.

He also exhibits a willingness to learn from his senior peers and his employer says he will undoubtedly grow into an employee that younger drivers will look up to.

Skye Loveday, R J Loveday Transport

A jill of all trades, Loveday is a livestock transport operator, mechanic, office admin worker and stockwoman for R J Loveday Transport.

She looks after the logistics and coordination of livestock movements from the Channel Country in outback Queensland in her family business, which is based in Quilpie.

Driving triple road trains and B-doubles throughout outback Queensland and the north of South Australia, she shows skill and professionalism when handling her truck and a high level of care and respect to the cattle she’s transporting.

Loveday also gets on the tools when required to fix any issue she can, runs the business office and gets on the machines to work in the yards.

She also puts in a great deal of effort to keep her equipment clean and well maintained, especially her triple set up.

Anton Fitzgerald, Meandarra Transport Services

Operations and logistics manager, and livestock transport operator, Anton Fitzgerald began his career at Meandarra Transport Services as a driver – but was quickly promoted to the operations and logistics manager role in October 2021.

He has become known for his attention to detail, efficiency and reliability, and shows a great deal of pride and professionalism in his role.

Along with going above and beyond for his employer, he is committed to promoting a safe, healthy and happy working environment within the livestock transport industry.

Travis Oliver, Oliver’s Livestock Transport

From a very young age, Oliver showed a big interest in the transport industry and was destined to be behind the wheel of a truck.

Today he is a livestock transport operator, mechanic and 2IC at his family’s business based in Middlemount.

He shows a high level of respect and commitment to both clients and his fellow employees; and shows an extremely high regard towards the safety and wellbeing of the livestock he transports.

Oliver is a dedicated family man, with a positive attitude who demonstrates strong leadership qualities.

Wyatt Fisk-Walsh, Frasers Livestock Transport

Starting at Frasers Livestock Transport when he was just 19, he came into the business holding a car licence.

Fisk-Walsh’s first job was as a general depot hand and wash bay attendant. Within just a few months he was eligible to upgrade to a HR licence. He progressively upgraded his licence classes, gaining real world experience, firstly in the body truck used locally to transport sheep and cattle, then in single trailer articulated vehicles, before progressing onto B-doubles, B-triples and road trains.

He has shown a great degree of patience in learning and gaining on the job experience, and is always willing to help others and get his hands dirty.

Fisk-Walsh’s equipment is always kept to a high standard and he shows a great amount of pride and passion for the job.

Brodie Matton-Osgood, Bill Matton Transport

Having started at Bill Matton Transport six years ago, Matton-Osgood currently serves as manager, admin and stockhand.

During her time with the business, she’s excelled in every task that’s been put to her. Matton-Osgood’s dedication and professionalism is second to none.

She has also obtained formal qualifications through numerous courses and is currently completing a Bachelor in Agriculture to further her skills and knowledge.

Matton-Osgood holds a HR licence and plans to soon upgrade to her MC.

Her employer says she spends countless hours striving to ensure the business is working as best as it can.

Matthew McLennan, Seilers Transport

Involved in the transport industry his entire life, McLennan works as a livestock transport operator for Seilers Transport.

He has followed in the footsteps of his father who is a well-respected livestock driver in his own right. Before he was old enough to get his own licence, he would often accompany and assist his father in the truck.

McLennan shows a great amount of pride and professionalism in his role; and his ability to handle stock calmly and efficiently is an attribute that is well noted by both his peers and customers.

He is always willing to undertake any job that is asked of him, from transporting cattle long distances, to tedious multi pick up loads where attention to customer requirements is essential.

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