Sentinel: Unparalleled Lighting Performance

Delivering a remarkable high beam lighting performance, and product styling that exudes quality, the Sentinel range of LED driving lights from Lazer Lamps are becoming a popular choice among truckies all over Australia.

Originally launched in 2021, the Sentinel range of driving lights includes 7- and 9-inch versions, available in Standard and Elite grades and optimised for heavy truck installs.

Boasting a true ‘combo’ beam pattern, the central rows of LEDs and optics deliver the long-range illumination, while the upper and lower sections deliver an ultra wide pattern, with 65 degrees left/right spread. 

The result is a perfectly balanced distribution of light, at a carefully selected 5000 kelvin colour temperature, to make night driving safer and more enjoyable. Considering the lamp’s size and power rating (87W in the Standard version, 145W in the Elite version), these lamps outperform on every level.

One of the standout features of the Sentinel range is its combination beam pattern.

The Sentinel range of 9” round LED lamps are designed with the specific needs of heavy-duty vehicles in mind. Emitting 15,232 raw lumens per lamp, the Sentinel 9” Elite delivers 1 lux to 1049m when mounted as a pair, and offers superior lighting performance that can help prevent accidents and keep you safe. 

World renowned 4WD adventurer Andrew St Pierre White, who remains non-sponsored, has recently installed Sentinels on his Australian truck. You can witness them in action on his cross-country journeys via his Instagram account @4xoverland_com.

The Sentinel range offers a lighting solution that is reliable and durable, backed by a comprehensive five-year warranty.

Sentinel lights are built to last, with a rugged construction ideally suited to the challenging conditions that Australian heavy vehicle drivers face on a daily basis. In the words of Lazer Lamps’ founder and MD, Ben Russell-Smith: “The Australian market is hugely important to us, and when our Australian office insisted that we needed a 9” round product, we set out to comprehensively understand the market needs and deliver a product which would outperform the competition. Australia is big, and the long roads require big illumination distances, but at the same time we were regularly asked by customers for a much wider spread of lighting than was available from other brands.

“We’ve been delighted by the reaction of this product down under, the beam pattern gives this beautifully wide spread, combined with long range punch. Product validation via our extensive test program is what gives us the confidence to warrant these products for five years. When you’re fitting lights on a commercial vehicle, you need to trust that it won’t go wrong. Down time costs money, and we aim to deliver product reliability like no other. We use LEDs which have a colour temperature of 5000K, and a high colour rendering index. High quality LEDs reduce driver fatigue, and make long distance driving more manageable. And when you factor in our IP68 watertightness, you’ve got the winning formula for unmatched reliability and performance.”

All Lazer products are made from the highest quality materials. We use marine grade aluminium across all of our product lines, and we pre-treat and powder coat the products in house, to ensure we deliver world class products with every shipment. The polycarbonate lens  is hardcoated to prevent against discoloration and scratches, and has a lifetime guarantee – if it cracks or breaks through normal use, Lazer Lamps will replace the product.

The aesthetic appeal of the lamp is furthered through the sculpted diecast aluminium mounting bracket, which like the lamps themselves has a marine-grade pre-treatment before being powder coated.

As with all Lazer products, the Sentinel range of lamps have been designed, engineered and manufactured in-house, at the UK-based head office and production facility. Established in 2010, Lazer Lamps has remained at the forefront of auxiliary LED lighting.

At Lazer Lamps, there is no compromise in regards to component parts, or build processes to achieve a superior product, while simultaneously ensuring that environmental stewardship and an ambitious carbon-reduction program feature heavily in the product’s design and build.

For more information, please call 08 7092 8444 or email sales@lazerlamps.com.au.

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